Central Montcalm kindergarten — where 100 is a big deal

By Mike Taylor • Last Updated 10:01 am on Friday, March 14, 2014

Puzzles with 100 pieces occupied students during Central Montcalm Elementary School’s 100 Days celebration on Monday. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

SHERIDAN — How high can you count? A million, a billion?

For kindergarten and first grade students at Central Montcalm Elementary School, getting from 1 to 100 is a pretty big deal.

On Monday, students there celebrated that centennial milestone with a series of activities centered on the number 100.

The day also commemorated the 100th day of school — originally Feb. 14, but moved to March 10 because of snow days.

Stacking 100 red Solo cups was one of several activities during Central Montcalm Elementary School’s 100 Days celebration. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

Students spent the day rotating through a series of “stations” manned by community volunteers, parents, retired teachers, administrators and even Superintendent Kristi Teall.

“We were fortunate to have about 20 community volunteers help throughout the day,” said Sue Kearney, a Title I math teacher.

Activities included building structures with 100 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks, making “crazy” headbands with 100 stickers, assembling 100-piece puzzles, building 100 pattern blocks, Legos and Solo cups, creating necklaces with 100 pieces of cereal and making “hundred charts” featuring the students’ names.

Other activities such as decorating picture frames, physical education class offering 100 exercises and staying “frozen” in place for 100 seconds and even making snacks also were offered.

The day ended with a schoolwide viewing of the movie “101 Dalmatians.”

According to physical education teacher Autumn O’Connor, the day really caught the interest of the students.

“I loved seeing how excited and engaged the children were,” O’Connor said. “I was also pleasantly surprised at their knowledge of healthy food choices.”

Creating “crazy hats” with 100 stickers help cement recently learned match skills during Central Montcalm Elementary School’s 100 Days celebration. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

Principal Amy Meinhardt also expressed gratitude toward the many volunteers who helped make the day possible.

“It was wonderful to see the students actively engaged in applying so many of the math skills they have learned this year,” Meinhardt said. “We are very fortunate to have community volunteers that were willing to come in and help out.”

According to Kearney, the activities were all designed to align with the school’s implementation of Common Core goals, yet still be fun for the students.

“Children were able to work cooperatively in a number of activities that showcased their knowledge of the mathematical processes we work on all year,” Kearney explained. “We were able to put together activities that aligned with (Common Core) goals, were fun, and still allowed kids to be kids. We need to keep this in perspective as we approach our teaching.”

Kearney also noted the hard work of many volunteers contributed to the success of the day.

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