SHORT TAKES: Bill Delp takes us back to where we’ve been

By Daily News • Last Updated 9:04 pm on Friday, March 28, 2014

Do you know Bill Delp? If you don’t, that is to your disadvantage.

If you live in this area, and have feelings about where the community is going, and how we might move ahead, you might want to know more of where we’ve been. These days, it helps to have guidance from the writings from those who know from whom and from where we once were…. and Delp knows that stuff.

With Delp, we’re not talking about just your grandfather’s refrigerators, we’re talking about gliders, bombs and rockets. Delp had a part of building these products and you might to need to know more about what this community has produced. You can find it at the Flat River Community Library.

It takes only minutes inside the entrance of the library … just inside the door … to check out a quick introduction the major industry that carried us through time: The Gibson Refrigerator Company.

It’s quick, it is fun, and it just might just move you to do want to more know about the family that moved us from Green to Gibson … and what’s beyond?

In so many ways it is a different world now, but Delp’s writings help us to understand where we’ve been and given us great reason to protect what we, in the name of democracy, have given so much to defend.


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