‘Quiet month’ for Sheridan Village Council

By Mike Taylor • Last Updated 10:00 am on Wednesday, July 09, 2014


SHERIDAN — It was a light agenda for members of the Sheridan Village Council at their meeting Tuesday evening. With both Village Superintendent Doug Lane and Assistant Village Superintendent Ed Lingeman absent, council members dealt only with a few housekeeping items.

Councilman Harold “Buck” Arrington brought up problems with wild grass growing out of control at the town’s beach, mentioning the possibility that the village might look into buying a piece of special machinery to remove it.
“I was down there the other day,” Arrington said. “Ed (Lingeman) was doing the best he could to drag it, but if you don’t move that sand all the time the wild grass grows up. They make a thing that’s a simple hookup that chews it up, kind of like a rototiller.”

Arrington noted the cost of the machine was between $700 and $800.

President Susan Wyckoff-McFarland agreed that there was no harm in looking into the possibility of purchasing a weed-clearing machine.

Wyckoff-McFarland also announced 10 new lids have been ordered for waste receptacles located around the village. The black-colored lids should be delivered within the next week or two, she added.

Finally, Wycoff-McFarland discussed the framed picture to be displayed at the village office that will include the names of all the businesses and individuals who donated funds toward the purchase of the downtown area’s new clock, installed earlier this year.

She closed the meeting, saying, “That’s all we have under new business. It’s been kind of a quiet month.”

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