UPDATE: Crime spree trio arrested in Grand Rapids and New York

By Elisabeth Waldon • Last Updated 7:04 pm on Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ALPINE TOWNSHIP — All three members of an alleged crime spree trio were arrested Wednesday in Grand Rapids after allegedly committing a stabbing, a carjacking, an assault and a robbery.

Daniel Edward Leussenkamp Jr. 25, and Kimberly Ann Wonsey, 20, both of the Grand Rapids area, were arrested Wednesday afternoon by U.S. marshals in Alpine Township, while Kevin Michael Seely, 25, of Belding, was arrested by U.S. marshals in Little Falls, N.Y., on Wednesday evening, according to Greenville Department of Public Safety Director Mark Reiss.

“They had to tase Daniel,” noted Reiss of Leussenkamp’s arrest in Grand Rapids. “He put up some resistance. He brandished a knife at one of the marshals after a foot chase.”

Reiss said Seely is currently in jail in New York and will be extradited to Michigan in the coming days. Little Falls, N.Y., is located about 600 miles east of Grand Rapids.

Daniel Leussenkamp’s prison mugshot.

Kevin Michael Seely — Courtesy photo

Kimberly Wonsey

The arrests come on the heels of disturbing details released by the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office about an assault and robbery in Mount Clemens over the weekend.

After stealing a car from an elderly woman in the Meijer parking lot in Greenville on Sunday morning, the trio drove to Mount Clemens that afternoon to see a 27-year-old woman with whom Leussenkamp has a child.

According to Macomb County Sheriff’s Lt. John Michalke, the woman let the suspects into her home and they spent some time there before an argument began later that afternoon. The argument was apparently about the child, who was in the care of the woman’s mother.

The argument culminated in a physical assault in which Leussenkamp slapped the woman. Leussenkamp and Wonsey then got the woman into a chair, tying her hands behind her back with an extension cord. They stole her cell phone and some money from the home before fleeing.

“The woman managed to somehow get herself outside the house and a neighbor heard and called 911,” Michalke  said. “Our deputies responded and cut her loose. They brought her to a local hospital where she was treated for a concussion and contusions.”

Arrest warrants have been issued for Leussenkamp and Wonsey on charges of unlawful imprisonment (a possible 15-year felony) and larceny in a building. Seely is not being charged in connection with the assault and larceny.

“They’re on some kind of a crime spree,” noted Michalke of the trio.

According to Greenville Department of Public Safety Director Mark Reiss, an elderly woman from Rockford was shopping on Sunday morning at the Meijer in Greenville. The woman was getting into her car in the Meijer parking lot around 9:30 a.m. when she was approached by Wonsey, who asked if she could hitch a ride with the Rockford woman to the Danish Kingdom park area.

When the Rockford woman agreed to give Wonsey a ride, Leussenkamp and Seeley hurried over and also got into the Rockford woman’s car. Leussenkamp held a screwdriver to the Rockford woman’s throat and forced her to drive to the Danish Kingdom park.

The Rockford woman was then forced to exit the vehicle. The three suspects stole her purse and then left with her car. The Rockford woman was not physically injured.

According to Reiss, the Rockford woman remembered something Leussenkamp said while he was holding the screwdriver to her throat.

“He made a statement that he did not want to stab another person,” Reiss said.

Reiss said this information proved to be critical in helping police identify the suspects, as Leussenkamp is believed to have been involved in a stabbing on Saturday in the city of Wyoming.

According to WOOD TV 8, the stabbing incident occurred around 3 a.m. Saturday at the Jim Williams Motel on South Division St. in the city of Wyoming. The victim, a 50-year-old man, told police he answered a knock on his door and two men wearing dark, hooded clothing entered his room, stabbed him in the throat and the abdomen, and then robbed him.

The two men then left with a woman, believed to be Wonsey, who had been in the victim’s motel room with him. The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Police believe the victim was acquainted with Leussenkamp.

On Saturday, the trio came to Belding, where they have family members and friends. During this time, Leussenkamp made reference to his plans for the weekend.

“He made a statement to some people that he was going to get a screwdriver and jack a car, all of which he did,” Reiss said.

Warrants for the Greenville carjacking were issued by the Montcalm County Prosecutor’s Office with a nationwide extradition order on Monday morning.


Criminal history

According to the Michigan Department of Corrections, Leussenkamp was convicted of safe breaking and second-degree home invasion in Kent County and was sentenced in 2007 to from six to 30 years in prison. He was placed on parole on June 10 in Kent County.

Leussenkamp is currently an absconder, having cut off his tether over the weekend, according to Reiss.

According to Ionia County 8th Judicial Circuit Court records, Seeley was convicted of assault with a weapon and breaking and entering a coin-operated device in 2008. He was sentenced to 7 days and 3 days in jail, respectively.

According to Ionia County 64A District Court records, Seeley was also convicted of malicious destruction of property in 2008 and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor in 2006. All three of those counts were misdemeanors.

According to Kent County 61st District Court records, Wonsey was convicted of soliciting prostitution and was sentenced in December 2013 to 1 day in jail and probation.

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