OUR VIEW: Hoisington and Lyons for state rep

By Daily News • Last Updated 9:38 am on Thursday, July 31, 2014

Two Democrats are facing off for the 70th District state representative primary election win, while two Republicans are vying for the 86th District state representative victory.

Ken Hart of Alma and James Hoisington of Stanton are both hoping to garner the most votes in next Tuesday’s election for the chance to unseat State Rep. Rick Outman, R-Six Lakes, in the November general election.

Current 86th District State Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons of Bowne Township is being challenged by Angela Rigas of Caledonia for a chance to face off against Democratic challenger Lynn Mason of Belding in the November general election.


70th District state rep

We think Hoisington deserves a chance to run against Outman.

As a member of a task force assembled amid the news of Electrolux’s pending departure from Greenville, Hoisington gained valuable experience dealing with various interest groups, negotiating contracts and problem solving in general.

We were pleasantly surprised to hear Hoisington, as a Democrat, wants to establish a flat tax in which everyone pays the same rate. We also like Hoisington’s emphasis on a bipartisan mentality.

Hart has made the statement that he will serve his district and not the corporations. This statement may sound good at first blush, but it’s not a realistic or common sense approach in this day and age. Employment and production is largely driven by corporations — whether we like it or not — so lumping all corporations into one “bad” pile is shortsighted.

Our support goes to Hoisington for the Democratic nomination for 70th District state representative.


86th District state rep

Lyons is vying for a third term as the state representative of the 86th District. Her opponent, Rigas, declined to respond to our primary election questionnaire, as well as additional attempts to contact her, so we have nothing upon which to base our knowledge of Rigas other than her Facebook page.

Lyons is obviously more experienced of the two when it comes to local politics, based solely on her previous two terms as state representative.

We are concerned about Lyons’ apparent support of the ongoing effort to privatize schools. We appreciate that she is a state rep with a background in agriculture and natural resources and we would like to see her put more of that knowledge to use for Ionia County’s valuable ag community.

We also like Lyons’ good record of helping pay down the state’s longterm debt, eliminating burdensome regulations and helping create new jobs in the private sector.

Our support goes to Lyons for the Republican nomination for 86th District state representative.


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