ELECTION PREVIEW: 6 townships, 1 school district seek millages

By Mike Taylor • Last Updated 10:33 am on Monday, August 04, 2014

Six area townships and one school district will have millage proposals on Tuesday’s ballot. Most are renewals of previously passed millages intended to fund police and/or fire services for the townships.


Crystal Township

In Crystal Township, voters are being asked to approve a 0.5 mill increase annually for two years to provide funds for police services. If approved, the millage would raise $45,300 in the first year of the levy.

Crystal Township voters also will vote on a renewal of 1.2 mills annually for four years to provide funding for road improvements. The renewal would generate an estimated $108,720 in its first year.

According to Crystal Township Treasurer Ted Cadgett, the proposals are needed to keep services running for township residents.

“The police millage will generate enough money so we can do another year if they (the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Department) chooses to enter into another contract with us,” Cadgett said. “The road millage is just a renewal; there’s no change.”

Day Township

Day Township voters also will be looking at millage proposals for roads, fire and police services. Officials are seeking a renewal of a previously approved 1 mill increase for fire services, to be levied over four years. Also on the ballot will be a road millage renewal of 2 mills previously approved by voters, also to be levied over four years.

Day Township Clerk Jackie Kemler said the millage requests were needed to maintain the current quality of services in the township.

“It is very important for the residents of Day Township to vote on August 5,” Kemler said. “Their votes will determine the quality of road repairs within the township and (of) Day Township’s fire department equipment.”


Douglass Township

Just a single millage proposal appears on the Douglass Township ballot, a .60 mill renewal for township fire protection operations, services and equipment. If passed, the levy will run through 2017 and provide $41,984 in the first calendar year of the levy.


Eureka Township

Eureka Township also is seeking approval of millage renewals for fire and police services. For fire protection, voters are being asked to OK a .75 mill renewal through 2017 inclusive and a 1 mill renewal for police services.

Eureka Township Supervisor Rod Roy stressed that both millage requests are renewals.

“These are not new millages at all,” Roy said. “It’s just time to extend them so we can keep the services, especially the fire services going. We have a contract with the city for fire services and they’ve done an excellent job.”


Ferris Township

Ferris Township also is looking at a single millage renewal request, for fire services. The 1 mill being requested would be levied from 2015 through 2018 inclusive and be used for general fire department operations. It would raise an estimated $32,247 in the first year of its levy.


Maple Valley Township

Fire services also is the focus of Maple Valley Township’s single millage request. The .9730 mills being requested would be used for department apparatus and equipment purchase and maintenance.

Maple Valley Township Supervisor Gary Boyer said the fire department is among the most important services the township provides residents.

“(The department) has a great staff,” Boyer said. “I’d put them up against any fire department in the area. I think it’s essential we continue that millage and it’s a great payback to the voters with those tax dollars if they ever have a fire.”

The millage would generate $53,743 in the first calendar year.


Ithaca Public Schools

Finally, Ithaca Public Schools is asking voters in that district to approve a building and site sinking fund tax levy. The levy, if approved by voters, would not exceed 2 mills for a period of 10 years, 2014 through 2023, inclusive.

The funds would be used for the construction and repair of school buildings as well as other purposes. The millage would generate about $611,170 in its first year levied.

Only a handful of voters in Crystal Township will vote on this issue locally as a very small portion of that township is located in the Ithaca school district.

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