Faith Community Christian School leader parks RV, inspires young reader

By Brad Klosner • Last Updated 11:36 am on Thursday, November 13, 2014

The students of Faith Community Christian School flocked to Administrator Kim Borgenson’s “Camp Out for Reading Camper” as part of National Young Readers Week this week. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

BELDING —  Faith Community Christian School Administrator Kim Borgenson wants to inspire kids to read so much she is willing to brave the harsh November weather in order to do it.

On Sunday and Monday, Borgenson was camped out in the school parking lot in order to promote National Young Readers Week.

“Reading is important to me,” she said. “I’m freezing to death, it’s so important.”

As part of the Book It program, a reading program founded by Pizza Hut, the National Young Readers Week features a “bell-to-bell” challenge, which asks school administrators to read for an entire school day during the reading week. Borgenson took the challenge to unique level and decided she would hold a “Camp Out for Reading” event.

“It went really well,” Borgenson said. “The weather eventually cleared up. We couldn’t have picked a better day.”

Kim Borgenson reads to the students of Faith Community Christian School during her “Camp Out for Reading” event this week. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Staying in her pull-behind camper for two days, Borgenson invited students to come out and read with her throughout the school day last Monday. She said many of the kids even brought out their books during recess to read books, meanwhile neglecting the playground equipment.

During the afternoon, Borgenson read “The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship,” a Russian folktale, to the kindergarten class. Kindergarten teacher Amanda Bykerk said her kids loved the story and were exceptionally excited about reading in and around the camper. She said afterwards many of her students wrote about how much fun it was to read outside of the classroom.

“My kids had a lot of fun because a lot of them haven’t been camping before,” Bykerk said. “We’re just starting to read in kindergarten. Reading is something they can do their whole life.”

In addition to all the reading, Borgenson sweetened the deal by offering the students s’mores before they all sat down for a good book.

“It’s to inspire our young kids to get excited about reading,” Borgenson said. “The kids think it’s pretty sweet.”

For more information on National Young Readers Week or the Book It program, visit online.

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