Crystal Township approves library contract, lease agreement

By Cory Smith • Last Updated 1:01 pm on Friday, July 10, 2015

Crystal Township Clerk Bob Naumman, right, speaks to Supervisor Chris Johnston on Wednesday evening about the status of the contract and lease agreement between the township and Carson City Public Library to move Crystal Community Library to the township’s community center. — Daily News/Cory Smith

CRYSTAL TOWNSHIP — The ball that is the contract which has bounced between this township and Carson City Public Library for several months is now back in the library’s court.

The Crystal Township Board unanimously approved a revised contract and lease agreement Wednesday evening to allow Crystal Community Library (a branch of Carson City Public Library) to relocate to the Crystal Township Community Center, which also houses township offices.

The township board originally voted in February 2014 to move the library to the community center from its current facility at 221 W. Lake St., however, once a contract was proposed by the library at the beginning of this year, contract talks have gone back and forth between the two organizations.

Crystal Township Treasurer Ted Padgett said he is hopeful this will be the final version of the contract that can be agreed upon by both parties.

“We’ve discussed the contract, the lease, and everything that’s been going on,” he said. “There’s been some changes here …  but I think we’ve given it enough thought, I think we know where we stand and I think it’s good as it is.”

According to Township Clerk Bob Naumann, the biggest change to the three-year contract is the removal of individual board members’ names in the wording of the document.

Naumann said he was more comfortable with the contract including the number of board members and associated term lengths and would leave it up to Carson City Library Director Beth O’Grady to work out the details of who is currently on the board.

“The contract should be a long-term item, I don’t think we need to mention the names of individuals (who are on the board now)” he said.

Padgett said a change to the lease agreement was made to satisfy concerns of the library board in the event that the two organizations cannot come to terms on a new contract once the original contract expires.

“If for some reason we can’t come to an agreement on the next contract and lease … they are afraid we could kick them out,” he said. “I’m not so sure why they are upset with that, because we already have that power with the building they are in now.”

Padgett said the Crystal library has operated in the community since 1991, and couldn’t recall a time when the township has ever entered a scenario where it considered asking the library to vacate.

Naumann said the township has agreed to the library board’s terms to raise the rent in the event that the Crystal library is either asked to vacate the building or chooses to leave on its own terms, but remains.

“This has been an area of contention between us and the library,” he said.

Naumann said the contract originally read if the library remained in the community after a date that specified their removal (expiration of contract without a new contract in place) the rent would have tripled in rate immediately.

The change to the contract now reads the library would pay $20 a day for 120 days. After that time period, they would pay $30 a day for 365 days. Following that period, the rent would then reach $50 a day (triple the original rate).

“That’s our compromise,” Naumann said. “They will have six months notice to vacate, however, I don’t ever foresee this scenario happening.”

The Carson City Library Board will meet on Tuesday, when they can vote to accept the contract and lease agreement or make alterations and return it again to the township for reconsideration.

O’Grady has stated in the past that as long as both parties are satisfied with the contract, it will be signed by the library board.

The library and township both hope to see the move to the community center take place this autumn.

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