Montabella’s Stockwell twins do everything together

By Chip Burch • Last Updated 2:08 pm on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Montabella’s Kendra Stockwell, right, dribbles up the sideline while watched by Carson City-Crystal’s Mikayla Duflo (11) and Sara McAlvey (14) during a game Feb. 19. – File photos

BLANCHARD — Without their jersey numbers on, it’s difficult for one to tell Hanna and Kendra Stockwell apart.

The juniors are twin sisters who play volleyball, basketball and softball for Montabella.

And pretty much do everything else together.

“We have a really big bond together,” said Kendra, who is one minute younger than Hanna. “Like when we play basketball, I’ll pass the ball and I won’t even know she (Hanna) is there. It’s weird. It’s crazy. We get so many fast breaks and so many passes to each other.”

“But there are downs to it,” Hanna chimed in. “There’s fighting and bickering. It’s a sibling thing. Other than that, everybody doesn’t get lucky enough to have 20 fingers, 20 toes, four eyes.”

Off the courts, they also do things together, but they don’t do things like switch classes or switch boyfriends like other identical twins do.

“We did share a car once,” Kendra said. “When we first got a car.”

Right now, the Stockwells are in the midst of a difficult volleyball season for the Mustangs. After Thursday’s four-game win over Chippewa Hills, Montabella now has eight wins this season.

Montabella’s Hanna Stockwell serves during the Daily News Invitational Aug. 22. – File photo

“We started off pretty iffy because we’re all so little,” Hanna said. “We have a ‘five-foot club’ where nobody’s above 5-10. So we were thinking we were not going to do pretty good this season. But as soon as we started practice and started going, we all worked pretty hard and realized how much speed we had and how much of an advantage we had against six-foot girls. We had an advantage to all of our athletes.”

“The shortness really gets us because of our defense,” Kendra said. “People can come in and ‘oh, we’re going to beat this team’ because we’re short. But then again we’re fast. It’s an advantage to us.”

Both Stockwells said they feed off each other when they play.

“I feel like if she (Hanna) is down, I get down and I feed off from it,” Kendra said. “And if she’s happy, it gets me happy.”

“So it’s kind of like you have to keep yourself up,” Hanna said. “If one goes we all go. If one falls we all fall.”

The Stockwell twins and the rest of the Montabella team will play again Tuesday at home against Carson City-Crystal.

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