Lakeview Middle School rewards students with PRIDE tickets

By Meghan Nelson • Last Updated 1:23 pm on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

LAKEVIEW— Lakeview Middle School Principal Tim Erspamer has been working to improve students’ behavior in the hallways, and he is rewarding them for their efforts.

Colliene Willison, Lakeview Middle School mathematics and reading interventionist, and Lakeview Middle School Principal Time Erspamer presented to the Lakeview school board Monday night some new behaviors they teaching and rewarding. — Daily News/Meghan Koglin

Some of the new hallway procedures are no earbuds or headphones, no technological devices, quiet voices and walking on the right side in the school hallways.

Erspamer said he has had lots of support from other administrators and teachers in implementing these practices.

The school approached the new hallway procedures from a safety stance, but the new rules have also led to quicker transitions between classrooms.

“We’ve had some of the fastest tornado and fire drills I’ve ever seen,” Erspamer noted.

In response to the new expectations, the middle school has increased the drawings for PRIDE tickets. Originally, tickets were only drawn during assemblies, but now, they’re being drawn every Friday from each home room.

PRIDE tickets are given to students for following the five principles of PRIDE: Positive attitude, respect others, invest in your education, diligence and enjoy your day. Teachers can give them out and Erspamer has given out tickets to students for being quiet and respectful in the cafeteria before the start of school.

The idea of the tickets is to reinforce positive behavior that PRIDE stands for. The teachers and administrators at Lakeview Middle School have tried to teach and show what positive behavior looks like and then have a reward for students who follow those instructions.

“We try to write what they did down on the ticket so they know what they are being rewarded for,” said Colliene Willison, reading and math interventionist.

There are PRIDE tickets for substitute teachers to hand out to students as well.

“When the (substitute teacher) gives them out, they are different colors” Willison said. “The students are being recognized for doing something positive even when their teacher is absent.”

The student whose ticket is drawn get to pick a prize and a “paw,” which includes a reward. Students can pick from various options including one test question they don’t get right, a free pass on a homework assignment, sitting in the principal’s chair for an hour and even eating lunch with Erspamer.

“I’m trying to make (lunch) fun when they choose that,” Erspamer said. “Sometimes we’ll go outside and throw a football or do something else. I’ve had two so far.”

Photographs are taken of the students whose ticket has been drawn each Friday and pictures are posted on a cabinet in the office. At the end of the year, there will be a collection on display of all the outstanding students.

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