Belding Middle School students focus on acts of kindness

By Emilee Nielsen • Last Updated 1:17 pm on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Students in Diane Kuhn’s class at Belding Middle School say their daily affirmations for positive thinking Thursday morning. — Daily News/Emilee Nielsen

BELDING — ’Tis the season for caring and there is no shortage of good deeds at Belding Middle School.

Students in Diane Kuhn’s sixth grade class have spent the last 12 school days trying to rack up as many good deeds and kind acts as they could before holiday break, which kicks off on Wednesday.

“Each day they can write down the good deed they did with their names one it to participate in a drawing with special prizes to be given out the last day before break,” Kuhn said.

Some of the good deeds the students are doing have been to shovel sidewalks and driveways, bringing baked goods to Belding City Hall for policemen and firefighters and donating supplies to the classroom.

Ian and Landon Neal, both 12, are twin brothers whose family was involved in a serious car accident last month. The twins said they have been working hard to do good deeds around their house to make it easier for their mother, who is still recuperating from her injuries and a recent surgery.

“I’ve had to help (my mother) out,” Landon said.

Kuhn said Landon and Ian brought in a large bag of classroom supplies including glue and highlighter markers for their classmates to use.

Ty McDiarmid, a sixth-grader at Belding Middle School, talks about the good deeds he did on Wednesday during his geography class with teacher Diane Kuhn on Thursday morning.

“Their family is very generous with donating,” Kuhn said.

Zayne Faylor, 11, helped his teacher move things from a car to a classroom. Madison Vance, 11, helped her neighbor pick up garbage that had fallen into the street.

This is all part of the spirit of the holiday, but also a push for students to be a part of the giving community in Belding and understand how it feels to help others.

Kuhn has also started doing daily affirmations with her students to reinforce good behavior and create community-minded and kind people.

“Instead of students waiting for a teacher to notice their good behavior, they have a chance to recognize and share what they are doing daily to make the school, community and world a better place,” she said. “Through the 12 days of good deeds challenge, my sixth grade students were able to recognize their own good deeds and be encouraged to embrace these acts of kindness and respect.”

Kuhn also encouraged students to try out a new good deed daily so they could experience different ways to do something nice.

“It has just been wonderful seeing our bucket fill up with good deeds,” she said.

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