MCC gives scholarship to Lakeview seventh-grader

By Meghan Nelson • Last Updated 3:33 pm on Friday, April 14, 2017

Katrina Montroy, seventh grade teacher, watches her student Hope Munsell. As part of Montroy’s class, Munsell wrote a letter to Montcalm Community College and received a $250 scholarship. — Daily News/Meghan Nelson

LAKEVIEW — Seventh-grade students at Lakeview Middle School are thinking about the future.

As part of the seventh-grade business writing class, students were required to write formal and informal letters.

Middle School Principal Tim Erspamer said the class teaches students how to write more formal types of communication instead of their go-to styles of texting and social media.

For formal letters, some students wrote to celebrities, but seventh-grader Hope Munsell, 13, wrote to Montcalm Community College (MCC), where she hopes to attend in 2023.

MCC Recruitment Director Emily Carmey decided to answer Munsell’s letter during Monday’s Lakeview school board meeting with a gift basket and a $250 scholarship.

Hope Munsell, a seventh grade student at Lakeview Middle School, poses with Montcalm Community College Recruitment Director Emily Carmey and a gift basket and scholarship Munsell received during Monday night’s Lakeview Board of Education meeting. — Courtesy photo

“I was very surprised and felt like I was about to cry,” Munsell said on Tuesday. “I couldn’t sleep all night.”

Munsell’s business writing teacher Katrina Montroy expressed how proud and happy she was for her student.

“I knew she would be getting a surprise, but I didn’t know what she was going to be getting. I was just as surprised as she was,” Montroy said.

Other students received mail from universities and a favorite band. One student’s letter was answered with a postcard from a friend in Vietnam.

“I was just pleased in general with the response some of the kids got from all the places they sent letters to,” Erspamer said.

Carmey said the letter prompted a conversation at MCC about what they can do to foster a sense of education achievement and pride at the middle school level. MCC hopes to continue awarding scholarships to do just that.

The goal of the scholarship is to foster and promote a sense of educational accomplishment, pride and attainability within younger students, according to MCC Communications Director Shelly Strautz-Springborn. She said middle school counselors can recommend  students who have shown to take an active role in their education and put forth a valiant effort in their work; continuously strive for a better understanding of topics that may be difficult for them, and maintain a positive attitude and persevere through challenges and obstacles in their educational pursuit.

“The intention is to award three scholarships annually to middle-school students in each of the seven school districts in the college’s service area,” Strautz-Springborn said.

The scholarship has not been finalized yet, but Strautz-Springborn anticipates it being announced in May. The scholarship still awaits an official name, but the desire is to include the word “hope” to recognize the first recipient.

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