Purchase of used vactor truck helps Edmore DPW

By Meghan Nelson • Last Updated 1:30 pm on Friday, April 14, 2017

EDMORE— When Department of Public Works (DPW) employees respond to a water leak in Edmore, they’ll be bringing along their newest piece of equipment: A vactor truck.

Edmore Department of Public Works employee Tim Shinabargar stands next to a used vactor truck Edmore recently purchased for $10,000. Shinabargar has already used the vactor truck and says it makes a difference on projects. — Daily News/Meghan Nelson

In March, the Edmore Village Council approved the $10,000 purchase of a used vactor truck from Isabella Corp.

“We actually purchased it from the company that we used when we had a water leak or break,” Village Manager Neil Rankin said. “For the price, we couldn’t go wrong.”

The vactor truck has a variety of uses. It can clean catch basins, jet sewer lines and clean up mud around water leaks. It is also helpful to have for projects where the DPW previously had to cautiously dig around underground utility lines

“It’s over $200 an hour to hire one out,” DPW Director Andy Andersen said. “So it will pay for itself quickly.”

DPW employee Tim Shinabargar said when the department would rent the truck from Isabella Corp., it would cost around $1,000 for every project.

Edmore DPW employee Tim Shinabargar checks the valves on the front of the used vactor truck the DPW recently started using. The orange hose can be used to jet sewer lines. — Daily News/Meghan Nelson

“With some of the fiber optics and gas lines and everything right through town, it makes it hard to dig a lot of times,” Shinabargar explained. “And if we have a water leak, it’s all slop and a mess. With this, you can just suck all that up.”

Another benefit to the vactor truck is the ability to do hydro-excavation even when the ground is hard and dry. Shinabargar said a power washer can be attached to the front of the truck to dig a hole and soften the ground for the vactor truck to pick up.

So far, the DPW has used the truck to install a water valve and clean up around a sink hole. Using the vactor truck, Shinabargar said the water valve installation took about half the time it would have if they had to use a backhoe.

“Let me tell you, it made a heck of a difference,” Shinabargar said.

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