Montcalm Township Board approves four road projects

By Meghan Nelson • Last Updated 9:37 pm on Friday, April 14, 2017

From left, Montcalm Township Trustee Tim Rau, Treasurer Rose Hyde, Supervisor Mike Adams, Clerk Amy Richards and Trustee Steve Sprague reviewed nine road projects the Road Commission for Montcalm County proposed, and approved four of them on Wednesday. — Daily News/Meghan Nelson

MONTCALM TOWNSHIP —As temperatures rise and spring progresses, the beginning of road construction approaches throughout Montcalm County.

For Montcalm Township residents and those traveling through the area this spring or summer, at least four areas within the township will be under construction.

“We have around $122,000 sitting in the road budget and the total for all the projects the Road Commission (for Montcalm County) proposed is $126,000,” Montcalm Township Supervisor Mike Adams said before presenting the proposed projects during Wednesday night’s meeting.

The board reviewed nine projects but ultimately decided to approve just four of them.

Project 1: The board agreed to machine wedge and seal Fuller Road from Fitzner Road to S. Lake Road. Adams said he thinks the project will end at Three Season Campground. The cost of the project is $15,554.

Ferris Road and W. Muskrat Road is the northern boundary of an upcoming machine wedge and seal project on Ferris from Peck to W. Muskrat Road.

Project 2: Another machine wedge and seal project will repair Ferris Road from Peck Road to W. Muskrat Road. The cost will be shared with Sidney Township, and Montcalm Township’s portion is $6,764.

“Sidney does plan to do that project contingent on us,” Adams noted.

• Project 3: For the past few years, Montcalm Township has passed over the project proposal to roto mill and place a 250-pound asphalt mat on Peck Road from Lake Road to Ferris Road.

“This would finish Peck from the bike trail out to Ferris,” Adams said. “It’s never fit into our scope for the year, but his year I guess it does.”

The project will cost the township $60,777.

“That is probably one of the worst areas I saw,” Trustee Tim Rau added.

Project 4: The board approved a crack seal application around the township. Locations have not yet been determined by the township or the Road Commission. The project will cost $8,625.

Peck Road and Lake Road is the western boundary of an upcoming project to roto mill and place a 250-pound asphalt mat in Montcalm Township.

“It’s about the same cost every year,” Adams said. “We buy a load of the hot tar, and we fill cracks until we run out.”

Montcalm Township decided not to approve four additional projects around Dickerson Lake, which had a combined price tag of about $30,000.

Pine Township approved one of the projects around the lake from Dickerson Lake Road from Johnson to the Kent-Montcalm county line. However, Adams didn’t see a reason to fix the road when the Kent County side, where it turns into County Line Road, is nearly impassable.

“If something isn’t done pretty quickly, that’s not going to be fit to drive,” Trustee Steve Sprague said. “You can’t get through there right now the holes are so deep.”

The board decided to wait on that project until Kent County repairs County Line Road.

Another project the township did not approve was $2,000 worth of brush spraying. According to Adams, the township hasn’t approved that project in a few years.

The township will spend about $90,000 for the four approved projects, which leaves around $32,000 in the township’s road budget.

“The last two years, we bought quite a bit of gravel,” Adams said, “I’d like to see us take some of that $32,000 and buy some more gravel and keep catching up some of the gravel roads and another small project.”

The board unanimously approved the Fuller Road, Ferris Road, Peck Road and crack seal application projects as well as using the leftover money to buy gravel and pursue another small project, which has not yet been determined.

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