Crystal Township Board holds off on library move

By Cory Smith • Last Updated 8:17 pm on Thursday, May 11, 2017

Members of the Crystal Township Board, from left, Curt McCraken, Treasurer Ted Padgett, Supervisor Chris Johnston, Clerk Patty Baker-Marek, and George Bahm, discuss Wednesday evening the details of proposed plans to redevelop a vacant room at the Crystal Community Center to relocate the Crystal Community Library. — Daily News/Cory Smith

CRYSTAL TOWNSHIP — Although action is being taken move the Crystal Community Library from its current location to the Crystal Community Center, township officials are in no rush.

After the creation of a Library Advisory Committee last December, members of the Crystal Township Board were presented Wednesday with the first requests in moving the ball forward, but no action was taken.

George Bahm, township board trustee and liaison to the Library Advisory Committee, brought fourth four requests for proposals (RFPs) regarding improvements that need to be performed to a room at the community center, which has previously been designated as the potential future home of the library.

Trustee George Bahm explains the details of blueprints Wednesday evening of proposed improvements to a spare room at the Crystal Community Center, in order for the Crystal Community Library to be relocated there. — Daily News/Cory Smith

Since 2011, the township board has discussed moving the library from its location at 221 W. Lake St. to the community center, as the current building is in disrepair.

The library is a branch of Carson City Public Library, which oversees operations. The township and the Library Board have gone back and forth for several years on proposals and leases in regards to moving the library to the community center, but an agreement was finally reached late last year to move the Crystal library to the community center.

According to Bahm, the four RFPs, prepared by Library Advisory Committee member Bob Naumann, include a request to accept a bid for construction that involves removing and replacing a non-load bearing block wall eight feet west to create space for a 10-by-12-foot office space, as well as other improvements; two different options for electrical work, including new outlets, lights, and removal of old lights, with one of the options retaining some of the original lighting; and painting services.

Township resident David Wight has volunteered to serve as the contractor at no cost to the township.

Bahm said upon sending out RFPs, the advisory committee would hold a pre-bid meeting at the community center to select bids for each task and then recommend them to the township board.

“They could come, review the drawings, go over specifics with us, and from there, bids would be sent into the township,” Bahm said.

However, Trustee Curt McCracken didn’t want to rush into any decisions, citing decisions made by the township board earlier in the year that he felt were performed too quickly.

“Any new business, we should sit on it,” he said. “It got us in trouble a couple months ago and we caused ourself some problems. I think we should wait at least a month before we act on any of this.”

Bahm said he felt there was no harm in approving the RFPs, as it didn’t bind the township into accepting potential bids.

“Because we don’t have to act on any bids that come in, my thought is, if we got the bids prior to the June meeting, we could review what the potential costs are,” he said. “We wouldn’t start any projects at that point until the next fiscal year. We would potentially have some dollar values to look at, but there’s nothing here that would be binding.”

Library Advisory Committee member Pat McShosh said she felt the board should make sure it receives financial estimates on the community center’s new boiler system before making any decisions on the library.

“You don’t have a report yet on how much the boiler system would cost, and that would change the plans completely,” she said. “So if you act before you’ve solved other problems, that’s not good.”

The board then voted 4-1 to wait until June to approve the RFPs, with Bahm voting “no.”

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