Belding school board approves temporary logo design

By Emilee Nielsen • Last Updated 12:56 pm on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

BELDING — A temporary logo for summer sports camp T-shirts has been approved, after much discussion by the Belding Area Schools Board of Education.

During Monday’s regular meeting, board members discussed how shirts for summer sports camps will look because the district hasn’t settled on artwork to go along with the newly unveiled Black Knight mascot.

The district has solicited designs from several companies for the look of the new mascot but has yet to settle on anything. Three vendors have designed logo choices which were unveiled to board members Monday: Addix, Screen Print Dept. and VIP Branding.

The problem, board members were informed, is two of the three companies would expect the district to purchase apparel from them if the board were to choose their designs. The Screen Print Dept. was the only company that offered a design with no strings attached.

Historically, coaches in the district have been allowed to purchase apparel from whatever source they choose, so if the board were to go with a design from a company with expectations, coaches would be stuck going with that company for their purchase. Board member Kate Feuerstein was uncomfortable with this idea.

Board member Shannon Hummel didn’t like the idea of tying the district to one company at this junction, but he didn’t like any of the designs Screen Print had presented.

Board Secretary Doug Lamborne noted the “drop dead date” for the purchase of new uniforms is quickly approaching and the board will need to approve a mascot design before then to have new uniforms in time for fall sports.

Hummel noted the board told Bob Jakeway, member of the Belding Athletics Boosters Board, they would have a decision about the mascot design at May’s meeting when Jakeway spoke at April’s meeting about the need for a decision.

Belding High School Principal Michael Ostrander told the board he’s been working with a group of students on the mascot committee to choose some artwork to present to the board for recommendations, but they haven’t had a chance to see all of the options or the revised artwork based on previous feedback.

Board members had discussed the possibility of having the words “Belding Black Knights” or a shield with an old English B printed on the T-shirts for summer sports camps and continuing to work toward making a final decision in the next month or so on mascot artwork.

However, Ostrander expressed concern at this idea, saying he thinks the district would “have a considerable amount of egg on our face if we don’t have something to offer.”

“I also think if we present something without a black knight and it’s an old English B, that’s kind of back where we were,” he said.

The other concern about choosing something during Monday’s meeting was the chance the district would be associated with whatever they went with, even if that wasn’t what the final design choice would be.

Joel Wilker, athletic director and assistant principal at the high school, said there are typically about five or six summer sports camps scheduled.

Feuerstein said she’s not a fan of the old English B, but conceded it might be best for the district to go with that and putting the Belding Black Knights on the T-shirts for the summer sports camps. It was also suggested, if the board did decide to do that, the district could unveil the final designs for the mascot artwork at the first football game or other fall sporting event.

Ostrander said he would work with students in the coming weeks to nail down two or three final artwork designs to present to the board at the next regular board meeting.

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