Cory Smith

Electricity is provided at portions of Noll Park in Crystal Township, but with those expenses being paid from the township’s fire department fund, some officials want a new power meter installed. — Daily News/Cory Smith

Crystal Township trying to restore electricity to Noll Park

With lights for ballfields and power for the picnic pavilion, energy is needed at local parks, but the question of who is paying for it has raised a few eyebrows.

During Wednesday evening’s Crystal Township Board meeting, board members discussed that issue concerning Noll Park, which is located adjacent to the township’s fire department station on Smith Street.


IN BRIEF: Propery owner looking to build storage unit complex in Greenville

A new storage facility has been proposed from a local business owner, who hopes to construct on vacant land.

Gary Zarkowski of Zarkowski Properties is hoping to construct a mini-storage complex at 6910 S. Greenville Rd. (M-91), located directly across from the former Meijer building.

Greenville Mayor John Hoppough, center, speaks on the topic of interpretive, historic signs as City Manager George Bosanic, right, and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Gae Wolfe, left, listen during Tuesday’s Downtown Development Authority meeting. — Daily News/Cory Smith

Greenville DDA continues sign discussion

From the former Hotel Phelps, now a vacant lot, to the original Meijer Thrift Store, only a memory to some today, much of Greenville’s history remains locked in the past, visible only in photographs. But if an idea continues to float among the Greenville Downtown Development Authority comes to fruition, that history would be prominently displayed for any visitor of the city to observe for themselves.


IN BRIEF: Crystal Township recycling site relocating to Noll Park

The recycling site within this township will be moving locations in a matter of weeks.

The Grattan Academy Board of Directors voted unanimously Monday to begin a consolidation effort that will close Grattan Elementary School, with all operations moving to the school district’s Eureka Township location, which will serve as a K-12 charter institution. The elementary school has been functioning since 1955. — Daily News/Cory Smith

Grattan Academy gets new name; elementary school building to be closed

After 20 years as a local educational institution, Grattan Academy Charter School is about to undergo two of the largest changes in its history.

During Monday evening’s Board of Directors meeting, board members voted unanimously to drop “Grattan” from the name entirely and to rename the school “Belding-Greenville Preparatory Charter Academy” as part of a new branding effort to change the image of the school.


IN BRIEF: Greenville DDA continues interpretive signs discussion

Members of the Downtown Development Authority continued discussion Tuesday morning on the idea of installing interpretive signs in the downtown district.


IN BRIEF: Grattan Academy to be renamed “Belding-Greenville Preparatory Charter Academy”

Members of the Grattan Academy Board of Directors voted unanimously Monday evening to rename the charter school.

Jim Lower, the Republican nominee for the 70th District state house, visits with friends during a victory party at his Cedar Lake home Tuesday night. — Daily News/Elisabeth Waldon

Lower wins 70th District GOP nomination, Albert takes 86th

In the two Republican primary races for local state representatives, one challenger walked away with an easy victory, while the second race proved to be a very close call. Voters elected Jim Lower of Cedar Lake to run for Michigan’s 70th State House District and Thomas Albert of Grattan Township to run for Michigan’s 86th State House District.


JUST IN: Thomas Albert wins Republican primary for 86th District House

With 41 of 41 precincts reporting, voters have elected Thomas Albert of Grattan Township as the representative of the Republican party to run for Michigan’s 86th State House District in November.


JUST IN: Jim Lower wins Republican primary for 70th District House

With 39 of 39 precincts reporting, voters have elected Jim Lower of Cedar Lake as the representative of the Republican party to run for the 70th District House in November.