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ED GILBERT: Fishing for ‘dumb’ trout

I know it’s ice fishing time, and it’s also time to do some winter stream fishing for trout or salmon. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting to the age where sitting on frozen water or wading a freezing stream just isn’t as appealing as it used to be.
I’d much rather do some trout fishing in the spring, for rainbow, brown or brook trout.


ED GILBERT: Be careful while ice fishing now

Sure, we’ve had a lot of cold temperatures and ice has been forming on the lakes. However, caution is required. Along with the cold we’ve also had a lot more snow than is usual this early in the season, and one needs to be aware that there could be some unseen soft places lurking below. Even on good ice it is a good idea to take a prod or walking stick along to test the steps ahead as one moves.


ED GILBERT: Turkeys are next target

The season dates for the Michigan fall wild turkey hunt are Sept. 15-Nov. 14, and with September just around the corner it’s time for serious hunters to get serious. I refer mostly to scouting for those sneaky birds, unless you have 20-or-so wandering around your farm or have a huge strutter tied up somewhere! (Na, you wouldn’t do that, would you?).


Spring turkey hunt around the corner

I turned to a person near me and remarked, “You know, I’ve been coming to these events for more than 20 years, and I’ve yet to win one of those guns!” The guy gave me a rather uninterested glance and remarked, “Well, you’ve got to buy some tickets in order to win.”


ED GILBERT: Peppermint deer hunting

You’ve likely heard it said that almost anything can happen on a deer hunt. Well, now I believe it. Allow me to explain. It was colder than a well-digger’s auger up north the other day when I decided to get out the old muzzleloader, better known in some parts as a smoke pole, and try again for a buck.


COLUMN: Hunting isn’t over yet

Yes, the regular firearms season is drawing to a close, but there is still much ado for those who wish to keep on hunting. For example, the muzzleloading deer hunt is about to kick in, and if one likes other action, rabbits, squirrels and ruffed grouse are still likely candidates.


WOODS AND WATERS: Pheasants today and the old pine stump

Pheasant hunting is different now than it used to be. Early, traditional pheasant hunting, say in the 1930s, in places like South Dakota or even here in Michigan, were mostly a large group activity. Now, most of us hunt alone or with a friend or two, even sharing a dog, and don’t go much for [...]

Wood and Waters | Ed Gilbert

ED GILBERT: Duck, goose hunting is in the wings

Yes, duck hunters, it’s about time to oil up your dogs and feed your shotgun some carbohydrates. Duck and goose hunting is in the wings. Actually, an early goose season is on, statewide, beginning today. And from all indications there are plenty of geese around. You know, you golfers may even have to fight your favorite golf course for space, since geese seem to love those links.

Woods and Waters | Ed Gilbert

WOODS AND WATERS: Dams provide some of the best fishing around

Last week I mentioned the large northern pike I landed at the Rockford dam on the Rogue River. Well, that column got me thinking about some of the other places I and others have had success, and in many instances that is at or near a dam.

Woods and Waters | Ed Gilbert

ED GILBERT: Bass fishing coming on

Although I prefer to fish for trout, I also enjoy tackling a bass or two now and then. And bass season in Michigan is right on our doorstep, so I know many of you are anxiously awaiting to cast away, as am I. But today, I believe I’ll discuss a little different method to catch bass, along with some other fishing thoughts.