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S.H.E.: Calling the Fashion Police

I broke the law this week.

Well, not really a law like the police would be interested in. At least not the real police. Maybe the fashion police. This was more of a style law. Or a rule, really. An out dated rule, if you ask me.

Julie Stafford is pictured with her daughter, Emma, a cancer survivor. — Courtesy photo

GUEST VIEW: Go gold in September for Childhood Cancer Awareness

“Your child has cancer.”

These are the words no parent ever wants to hear.

But every day, the families of at least 43 children around the world will hear just that.

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S.H.E.: Facing the first of many ‘lasts’

As this month comes to a close, I face another “last” moment. Watching the last high school football game in which my son, Alec, who is a senior, will play.


Dealing with kids during times of tragedy

Devon Morrison’s death touched an entire community. It wouldn’t be uncommon for area children to struggle either from grief over missing a friend or fear about what might have happened.


PUBLISHER’S NOTE: National Newspaper Week a good time to focus on what we do best

Have you heard the rumor that newspapers are dead? Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not true. Especially here at The Daily News.


Changes coming to Carson City Gazette delivery

Dear Carson City Gazette readers: We appreciate your loyal readership and wanted you to know about a major change taking place with the Carson City Gazette. Starting next week, we will be using the post office to mail the Gazette to all residents, businesses and post office boxes in the following zip codes: 48811, 48818, 48834, 48889, 48856, 48871, 48873, 48860, 48845.


The Daily News welcoming changes

During the past six months, the Stafford Media Solutions publishing team has worked hard to make our products a relevant part of your daily routine. We’re hoping you’ve noticed more local stories. Sharper, more vivid pictures. Increased advertising from local businesses.


More no-parking signs to be placed in Greenville

More no-parking signs are going to be placed throughout Greenville, making roads more accessible and safe. During Tuesday night’s meeting, the Greenville City Council approved multiple items on the agenda regarding parking within the city. Traffic-control orders establishing no-parking signs were approved for some streets after the city received complaints.

Just Thinking | Julie Stafford

JULIE STAFFORD: It’s not whether you win or lose …

Yesterday I went to my second middle school track meet ever. I don’t remember track being an option when I was in seventh or eighth grade, but am so grateful it’s available for my kids today. I, of course, am my son’s biggest fan, paying close attention to his events and cheering loudly so he can hear. But it’s the last Greenville girl to cross the finish line in the 3200 meter – or two mile – that I’m silently cheering loudest for. That’s because I was that girl.

Just Thinking | Julie Stafford

JULIE STAFFORD: Conscious eating makes a lot of sense

I’ve been debating with myself for years about whether I want to become a vegetarian — again. And news as of late is pushing me in that direction. There’s the whole issue of the pink slime guck that’s added to beef, recent news of mad cow’s arrival in this country and my forever struggle over what animals go through to get from field to table. Not that I have a problem with other folks enjoying meat. It’s just a personal position and preference.