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Greenville vs. Eureka Township lawsuit continues

The Eureka Township Board received and passed a consent judgement Monday regarding a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit between the township and the city of Greenville. The city filed a lawsuit against the township on Dec. 28, 2012, involving a FOIA request made by the city to the township on Sept. 10, 2012. Greenville City Manager George Bosanic had requested public records (excluding engineering drawings and maps) related to grinder pumps and a forced sewer main constructed around Baldwin Lake.


Eureka Township Board votes down non-discrimination ordinance

The Eureka Township Board voted to not pass a proposed non-discrimination ordinance Monday night. Board members believe they already have policies in place to protect all people and were advised by legal council to not label specific groups of individuals.


Greenville Planning Commission looks at goals

The Greenville Planning Commission board looked over the 2013 work plan and prioritized what it wanted to address next. “We have had a light workload the past few months,” Chairman David Ralph said. “We are ready to tackle some new things.”


Greenville city manager gives background on proposed personal property tax changes

After the Greenville city manager presented information to the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce about the potential impact of personal property tax changes at the state level, city council members asked him to present at a council meeting. On Tuesday, City Manager George Bosanic updated council members on how personal property tax changes ntroduced in December could negatively impact the city.

Mike and Barb Hurst (center) pose with the whole Hurst family including Barb’s sister Jean Fordyce (left) whose all-terrain wheelchair was donated to 16-year-old Austin Jones of Mayville who has muscular dystrophy. — Courtesy photo

Greenville resident discusses the importance of giving back

After the passing of a family member, a local family decided to donate medical equipment to a child in need to help make a difference in his life. Greenville residents Barb and Mike Hurst learned of 16-year-old Austin Jones in Mayville who has muscular dystrophy. His family was raising money for an all-terrain wheelchair to help Jones have easier access to being outside and in the nature.


Fairplain Township addresses Boyer Road blight

A resident became emotional at a Fairplain Township meeting Monday night as the board addressed a blight issue at her address and decided to get an attorney involved. The board discussed a concern on about Jessica Vanconant’s home, located at 1762 W. Boyer Road, which was destroyed in a fire on July 16 — the fourth fire in six months on Boyer Road between Carlsen and Brown roads.


Greenville loses “true friend” Carl Barberi

The Greenville community is remembering a man who was not only a true friend, but someone who cared deeply for the educational system.

This week, 12 selected educators from the Greenville Middle School participated in Verizon's 2013 Innovative Learning Schools program, which supplied the school with a $50,000 grant to provide funding for the program through workshops that demonstrated how educators can provide better education through technology. Lead Instructional Consultant Susan Brooks-Young (pictured here) and Instructional Consultant AJ Juliani explain how to be a “digital society.” — Daily News/Kelli Ameling

Greenville receives grant to better student education through technology

Greenville Public Schools was one of 12 schools in the nations to be selected for the 2013 Innovative Learning Schools program through Verizon.

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Greenville student continues to fight for equal rights

A Greenville High School student is still working to push the city of Greenville and Eureka Township to consider a non-discrimination ordinance after letters were written against his request.

Family and friends gathered around a newly installed sign through the Adopt-A-Highway program in Matt Hanson’s name. Pictured are sister Megan Dohn, nephew Matt Dohn, uncle Ron Kenny, aunt Lisa Watts, uncle Max Watts, grandmother Anita Cogswell, aunt Sharee Kenny, stepfather Larry Huff, mother Mary Huff, aunt Nancy Brugger, cousin Jake Brugger, aunt Jenny Harding, cousin Erin Dulek, cousin Derek Dulek, brother-in-law Alex Dohn and military friend Josh Merry. — Courtesy photos

Fallen Marine honored by friends and family

Family and friends gathered over the weekend to honor a fallen Marine through a community service program that will leave a mark on the Greenville area. On Sunday, family and friends of Lance Cpl. Matthias “Matt” Hanson participated in an Adopt-A-Highway program in Greenville to try to make a difference in Hanson’s name.