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Central Montcalm schools narrow in on scope of project

The Central Montcalm Public School Board of Education continued the process of determining what is and isn’t affordable as they met again Monday night. The school board reviewed preliminary costs on potential upgrades to facilities concerning safety and security, traffic flow and infrastructure and reviewed previously identified line items on their “wish list” and concerns mentioned at a community forum.


Traffic concerns highlight Central Montcalm Public School forum

In a third and final community forum Wednesday, residents had an opportunity to participate in discussion concerning Central Montcalm Public School needs and the potential of an August ballot proposal.

The forum was one of many meetings and discussions that began late last year concerning upgrades, improvements,and repairs in areas such as safety/security, necessary infrastructure improvements and traffic flow/parking concerns at all five of the district’s buildings.


Central Montcalm school board talks ‘wish list’

When a boy has some pocket money and walks into a candy store, his eyes light up with delight, dreaming of all he might purchase.

The reality, however, hits, when he realizes the money is only going to go so far, and he is going to have to forego some of the sweet things he wanted.

The Central Montcalm Public School Board of Education, in a more than three-hour special meeting Monday night, was like the boy in the candy store as they perused a “wish list” of the upgrades, changes, renovations and improvements in safety and security at the buildings throughout the district.


Central Montcalm school board talks traffic flow

After a second community dialogue meeting, an associate from an architectural firm presented an update of a conceptual plan for potential changes at Central Montcalm Public Schools. Steve Hoekzema, from Tower Pinkster of Grand Rapids, presented to the school board on Monday a summary of feedback received following a public presentation on Feb. 10.


Central Montcalm continues ‘big picture’ dialogues

Building on previous public forums, Central Montcalm Public School hosted its second community dialogue Wednesday evening. The forums are laying a foundation for possible upgrades in site improvements, safety and security and structural changes. Nearly two dozen people comprised Wednesday’s audience, most being school personnel, who listened to architects/engineers explain their conceptual plans.


Central Montcalm school, community brainstorm building needs

Nearly two dozen school personnel and community members were on hand Monday to hear about possible site and facility improvements, and provide input on what should be priorities of the Central Montcalm Public School district.

Susan Koster

Longtime Central Montcalm school principal to retire

The Central Montcalm Public School Board of Education accepted the resignations of a longtime principal and central office business specialist and discussed how to look for their replacements Monday.

The board, in a 6-0 vote with Vice President Todd Giles absent, accepted the resignation of Upper Elementary School Principal Susan Koster, who has worked 17 years in that position, and the resignation of Business Specialist Pamela Rogers. Both resignations are effective June 30.


Central Montcalm schools considering bond vote

The Central Montcalm Public School Board of Education learned Monday that some architectural upgrades may be necessary for the district. Steve Hoekzema and Buddy Huyler of Tower Pinkster, a Grand Rapids-based architectural/engineering firm, presented their preliminary findings of their study of school facilities.

The Porter family has made a tradition of seeking out the same Santa Claus the past several years. — Courtesy photo

Family seeks out special Santa year after year

Many families have the annual tradition of going to visit a Santa Claus each year, but for one local family, it isn’t just about seeing a Santa, it is about seeing THE Santa. Eric and Angela Porter of Greenville and their three boys — Andrew, 12, Bryce, 10, and Cullen, 6 — don’t just want to visit Santa, for the past six years, they seek out their specific Santa.


Central Montcalm buildings to be assessed for security

The Central Montcalm Public School Board of Education has hired an architectural firm to assess all aspects of the district’s four main buildings.