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Mersen makes some of the largest graphite parts in the world. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

Made in Our Own Backyard: Mersen

Pencil lead. That’s what most people think of when they hear the word “graphite.” It’s understandable, considering graphite has been used in pencils since the mid-1600s (incidentally, actual lead never was used in the manufacture of pencils — it was always graphite).


JUST IN: Injuries incurred in M-57 accident

OAKFIELD TOWNSHIP — At least two people were injured in an accident that took place near the intersection of M-57 and Holmden Drive Tuesday morning. According to Michigan State Police at the scene, a westbound vehicle on M-57 was stopped to turn left when another vehicle — driven by an allegedly inattentive driver — came up behind [...]

A second head-on vehicle collision on the day happened, this one on Sidney Road, just north of M-91. Montcalm County Sheriff's Office reported no fatalities, however, the "Jaws of Life" apparatus was used to extract at least one victim.

JUST IN: Two-car collision involving children on Sidney Road

A second head-on vehicle collision today happened on Sidney Road near M-91, involving two vehicles. Victims included children.


JUST IN: Two-car crash results in injuries near Crystal

At least two persons were injured in a two-vehicle crash that took place at the intersection of Vickeryville and Sidney roads early Tuesday afternoon.

Since retiring a few years ago, Orleans Township resident Don Kline has been experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Parkinson’s disease, stemming from the years he served with the infantry in Vietnam. Although somewhat incapacitated due to his illnesses, he remains a passionate collector of Native American arrowheads. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

Belding veteran Don Kline’s experience in Vietnam conflict leaves lasting scars

Don Kline, just a year out of Belding High School, did not want to go to Vietnam. Like most young men, all he really wanted was to get a job, date a girl or two, maybe start thinking about a career. But in March 1968, shortly before his 19th birthday, Don’s draft notice arrived. He was one of 44,000 young men who found their lives forever altered by a conflict — nobody official was calling it a war — half a world away.

Stanton’s new downtown clock is modeled after a similar timepiece installed last year in the village of Sheridan. — Courtesy photo

Stanton holds clock installation ceremony

The idea of an ornate, old-fashioned downtown clock struck such a chord with residents and businesses that it was installed Thursday, months ahead of schedule. When organizers began the fundraising arm of the project, they anticipated it would run through October or later. Instead, donors contributed well over $16,000, exceeding the clock’s $14,731 price tag. The extra funds are being used for landscaping improvements around the clock.

Several establishing shots for the independent film, “Project Zemph,” were filmed in Greenville. Pictured here at work on the set are, from left, K. Charles Wight, Bobby McElgunn, Nick J. Brower and Tyler Shane Seeley. — Courtesy photo

Movie filmed in Greenville to debut in Grand Rapids

What’s real and what’s only the product of imagination? How much of our experience can we trust? How much is embellished by the amber lens of time?

These are questions examined, and to some degree answered, in the upcoming film by Grand Rapids-based director Tyler Shane Seeley, “Project Zemph.”

Serena Allen’s new shop, Forever Yours Bridal, offers both traditional wedding attire as well as unusual offerings such as camouflage-themed weddings. (Daily News | Mike Taylor)

BUSINESS BEAT: Forever Yours Bridal offering several lines

Serena Allen admits she’s “taking a chance” with her new store, Forever Yours Bridal, 701 S. Greenville Road. But it’s a calculated — and educated — risk.

WGLM staffers and Montcalm County 4-H Fairgrounds organizers spent Wednesday afternoon decorating at the fairgrounds for the upcoming Halloween Bash, set for Friday evening following downtown Greenville trick-or-treating. — Courtesy photo

Halloween activities happening at the Montcalm County 4-H Fairgrounds

It’s going to be a rocking good time this Halloween when WGLM Radio hosts its first ever Halloween Bash at the Montcalm County 4-H Fairgrounds at 8784 Peck Road just north of Greenville.

One of the main aisles in the Material Prep department, with second shift group leader Terry Lueder peeking out, gives an idea of the sheer size of Federal-Mogul’s Greenville plant. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

Federal-Mogul offers local, global employment opportunities

Federal-Mogul may look like a small town manufacturing plant, nestled as it is along the railroad tracks on the east end of the city. Looks can be deceiving. In reality, the company is a global juggernaut with “sister plants” spanning the globe; South Africa, Poland and 21 other countries are home to Federal-Mogul, which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary in the Greenville location.