Mike Taylor

One of the main aisles in the Material Prep department, with second shift group leader Terry Lueder peeking out, gives an idea of the sheer size of Federal-Mogul’s Greenville plant. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

Federal-Mogul offers local, global employment opportunities

Federal-Mogul may look like a small town manufacturing plant, nestled as it is along the railroad tracks on the east end of the city. Looks can be deceiving. In reality, the company is a global juggernaut with “sister plants” spanning the globe; South Africa, Poland and 21 other countries are home to Federal-Mogul, which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary in the Greenville location.

Representing the Padden family, Lakeview chiropractor Gary Padden, left, accepts the Lakeview Area Community Fund Quality of Life award from LACF Board member Pat Hinrichs. — Daily News/Mike Taylow

Padden family receives Quality of Life award at community fund dinner

For the past 14 years, Lakeview Area Community Fund (LACF) has been giving students, businesses and civic organizations in the village a financial leg up. Organizers reason what’s good for the residents is good for the entire municipality.

Gifted fingerstyle guitarist and 2001 Lakeview High School graduate David Youngman recently took first place in the prestigious International Fingerstyle Guitar Competition in Winfield, Kan. — Courtesy photo

Lakeview grad wins international guitar championship

Jim and Sharon Youngman always encouraged their son’s creativity. Even at age 5, David was fascinated with the creative process, whether that entailed drawing, painting or playing guitar, as did his father.

As the years passed, music gradually became his first passion. David followed his muse, trying to recreate the sounds of other players. When he couldn’t find others playing the music he imagined in his own mind, he attempted to play it himself. Through necessity, almost, he learned his craft.

Martha Henry brings to the stage the character Prof in “Taking Shakespeare.” Now director of the Stratford Festival, Henry got her first taste of acting as a child in Greenville. — Courtesy photo

A long, sometimes bumpy journey from nerdy kid to Stratford director

Martha Henry was only 5 years old when she found the doorway to another world. Like the magical wardrobe that transported children to Narnia, Martha’s doorway was secreted away in plain sight, not in a bedroom, but in her grandparents’ dining room.

According to Lakeview Elementary School kindergarten teacher Wendy Bates, a new assessment program at the school has proven helpful in getting incoming students the focused attention some of them need. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

Assessment program helps Lakeview teachers with kindergarteners

By the time a student enters third, fourth or fifth grade, his or her teacher has a pretty good idea what to expect. The student’s abilities are, in part at least, a known quality.


Police search for missing juveniles

LAKEVIEW AND IONIA — Officers from the Michigan State Police, Lakeview Post, are searching for three missing juveniles from the Ionia area; Daisy Lynn Reitz, 15, Linsey Nicole Reitz, 11, and Taven Ray Daly, 16. The children were last seen together Monday in Ionia. According to Sgt. Scott Ziesman of Ionia Central Dispatch, there is currently [...]


JUST IN: Lakeview program helps understand new kindergarteners

Kindergarten teachers at Lakeview Elementary School have a new tool in their efforts to educate new students just coming into the school system.

Even when tornados don’t materialize, storm fronts can produce majestic sky shows, like this one Charles Russell photographed in Illinois. — Courtesy photo

Greenville man spends days chasing weather the rest of us avoid

Dark skies yawn blackly from horizon to horizon. Lawn chairs leap into the air as winds whip skyward everything not nailed down. Hard rain pelts the earth like darning needles flung from the hands of an angry god. The turbulent, pendulous canopy extrudes a dusky, whirling finger earthward.

Before this storm front men, women and children scatter, an impromptu exodus from open spaces to the hoped-for safety of basements.

A spacious, traffic-free courtyard now stands alongside Lakeview Middle School in the former location of a one-way street, making loading and unloading of school buses far safer. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

Lakeview Community Schools’ $12.5 million bond project wrapping up

Two years of planning and hard work are soon to come to fruition for Lakeview Community Schools.

The renovation and construction project there — the result of the 2013 passage of a $12.5 million bond — has resulted in needed improvements to virtually every area of the elementary, middle and high schools.

Cancer survivor Brenda Saladin of Greenville spent years battling stage III invasive duct carcinoma, but she is now cancer-free. — Courtesy photo

Cancer survivors say listen to your doctor, keep the faith

When it comes to cancer treatment, is it a positive attitude that breeds success or success that produces a positive attitude?

If you ask cancer survivors Karen Herzog and Brenda Saladin, they might tell you it’s a little bit of both.