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Funeral Notices for Thursday, May 29, 2014

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Funeral Notices May 28, 2014

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Funeral Notices May 27, 2014

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Mentor Madison Kartes leads a discussion on how bullying occurs both in person and online with fourth and fifth grade girls at Walnut Hills. The students gather in smaller groups with other mentors and talked about what defines bullying and how it can be prevented. — Daily News/Stacie Rose

Greenville’s Project Bloom program builds girls’ confidence

The staff at Walnut Hills Elementary School noticed a troubling trend with the female students. While walking down the hallway or playing during recess, young students were making disparaging remarks about their own appearances.

Debra Young with some of the gifts that have been donated to the Huntington Bank Giving Tree that will be distributed to area schools Dec. 17.

S.H.E. – In the giving spirit, year-around

The Christmas season is a time for gift giving and generosity. Greenville resident, Debra Young donates her time and resources at Christmas and throughout the rest of the year as an ongoing show of thanks for the kindness she was shown.

Lucy, a 6-year-old Goldendoodle, sits at the working desk of her owner, Julie Stafford of The Daily News. Lucy frequently visits the newspaper office, always looking for a lending hand for a belly rub. Having sociable animals in the office, such as cats and dogs, help promote less stress and can also foster more friendly interaction between co-workers, according to Greenville licensed clinical social worker Sue Ellen Pabst.

ALL ABOUT PETS: Pets proven to improve work environment

Offices across the country are implementing new ideas to try and make the workplace a more pleasant environment for its workers.

Marcus Cheatham

UNDERSTANDING HEALTH REFORM: Impact of Affordable Care Act on mental health coverage

The Affordable Care Act has already made an impact on mental healthcare since the national healthcare reform’s inception. Unlike traditional insurance options, mental health benefits have been included in both Marketplace options and Medicare and Medicaid.


Local food pantries receiving hunters’ help

Keeping area food pantries well stocked can present a challenge with rising food and gas prices, but local hunters and meat processors come together to help feed families. Two area deer processors discuss how they and hunters help put dinner on the table.

Waterfowl hunting is a favorite of the MacMillens. Shown with one day’s take from left is Nolan MacMillen, son of Jeff MacMillen.

WOODS & WATER: Local families keeping hunting traditions strong

In Michigan, there is a long tradition — some even call it a rite of passage — that many youngsters learn each year. All the modern technology in the world cannot compare to the feeling, the smell, the sound of the crisp outdoors and the rush one gets the moment a deer comes into sight.

Heather Robinson of Greenville proudly holds the first published copy of her book, “Strength of Character” alongside her mother, Barb Johnson of Lakeview. — Courtesy photo

Greenville woman overcomes adversity with a smile

From the positive pregnancy test to the ultrasound and the first moment a parent holds his or her child, dreams take shape for that baby’s future. So many firsts are recorded through images and baby books.