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On the Beat

Darrin Clark | Presentation

Managing editor presents our stories and how we tell them. Read Darrin Clark »

Kelli Ameling | Reporting

Greenville area and health reporter gets her feet wet as a rookie reporter. Read Kelli Ameling »

Elisabeth Waldon | Reporting

Montcalm County and crime and courts reporter sees it all. Read Elisabeth Waldon »

Ryan Schlehuber | Features

Special sections editor bridges the gap between advertising and editorial. Read Ryan Schlehuber »

Cory Smith | Multimedia

Multimedia reporter brings us into the digital news age. Read Cory Smith »

Sandy Main | History

Community editor combs our archives. Read Sandy Main »


Sports Updates

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Chip's Clips

Sports media veteran sounds off. Read Chip's Clips »

Sports Galore

Daily News sports editor dispenses his sports knowledge. Read Sports Galore »

Contributors and Correspondents

Mom, Please Don't Embarrass Me!

Daily News correspondent and mother of eight blogs about ordinary and un-ordinary daily life. Read Mom, Please Don't Embarrass Me! »

A Thorn Among Roses

The mumblings and grumblings of a mother, runner and survivor. Read A Thorn Among Roses »

Robin Miller on Edmore

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Judge David Hoort on Law

8th Judicial Circuit Court Judge David Hoort answers and discusses various questions regarding the judicial process. Read Judge David Hoort on Law »

Andrea Krause on Law

I will answer questions posed by the public on topics dealing with the prosecution of criminal cases. I will also comment on new laws related to the prosecution of criminal cases and current issues that may come up in cases. Read Andrea Krause on Law »

Central Area Michigan Works Consortium

A blog for both job seekers and employers within the Central Area Michigan Works Consortium. Read Central Area Michigan Works Consortium »