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‘Library ladies’ working to secure future of Hubbardston Book Nook

The Hubbardston Book Nook exists as a labor of love. The library nestled inside the Hubbardston Community Center is a haven for local readers who have access to about 7,000 books, children looking for a safe and fun activity or anyone needing Internet access. The Hubbardston Book Nook Board is comprised of President Laura Fahey, Ruth Gee, Catrina Larsen, Genie Moriarty and Cherri Muirhead. They call themselves “the library ladies” and they raise all their own funds for books, bills and activities, as well as $350 in monthly rent to the Hubbardston Community Center.

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Crystal Township says goodbye to longtime community members

Buck and Mary Ann Last have been a staple of the Crystal community for as long as most residents can remember. Together they founded the Crystal Arts Council. Mary Ann helped create popular women’s teas and was instrumental in starting the Crystal Herb Society in 1991. Buck has continued to help with organizing the Crystal Farmers Market. So when members of the Crystal Herb Society discovered that the husband and wife of 58 years would be moving to Midland to be closer to family, they decided to throw one last tribute to Mary Ann, in the style of a playful roast to celebrate their memories together.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Crystal 4th of July Fireworks

Hundreds of spectators packed into Crystal Township Park as well as the neighboring public beach and surrounding Crystal area Thursday evening for a 20-minute 4th of July fireworks show. Fireworks were launched from the middle of the lake, creating a spectacular show of lights in the sky and water, followed with echoing booms that filled the air.

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Carson City police train for shooter scenario in school

Loud bangs and the smell of sulfur filled the air in Carson City-Crystal Elementary School on Wednesday night, May 15, during a police training exercise. Kolton Kavanagh, 16, and Karagan Kavanagh, 14, were both student volunteers helping out Carson City Police Chief Bruce Partridge during active shooter scenarios. “I don’t think anyone can prepare for a real school shooter,” Kolton Kavanagh said. “But seeing the police train for what could happen is good thing for us.”

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Carson City benefits from increased law enforcement coverage

Community policing in Carson City has been a win-win since the very first day. A collaboration between the city of Carson City, the police department and Carson Health has been a substantial safety and security benefit for patients, hospital staff and the small mid-Michigan community.

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Fry’s Golf Carts is rebuilding after battery explosion fire

For 10 seconds, Cliff Fry thought about calling it quits. On vacation in Florida on Feb. 20, Fry sat heavy in his chair as he watched live security camera video of his golf cart repair business burning to the ground. A fire that started in the back of the facility at 5575 S. Mt. Hope Road, likely from a golf cart battery explosion, consumed the storage facility that Fry and his employees operated out of.

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Man loses pole barn, three vehicles in Bushnell Township fire (Photos)

When William Fleisher pulled into his driveway in his white pickup truck, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

hockey team

Mount Pleasant midget hockey team members are state champions

The Mount Pleasant Midget Hockey team is the 2012-2013 ADRAY State Champions.

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Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day in Hubbardston

Historically speaking, there’s some doubt as to whether St. Patrick really drove the snakes from Ireland, or whether that’s simply a myth, bound inextricably to his conversion to Christianity of several pagan sects whose worship had previously included images of snakes. There have even been some latter-day theologians who have questioned the very legitimacy of Patrick’s sainthood itself. If that’s your opinion, it’s one you were probably inclined to keep to yourself on St. Patrick’s Day in Hubbardston. They take St. Patrick’s Day seriously at Shiel’s Tavern, reputed to be Michigan’s oldest pub.

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Fire destroys fleet of golf carts, pole barn at Fry’s Golf Carts of Crystal

A private golf cart business received a blow to its business Wednesday after a fire destroyed dozens of the owners’ golf carts stored in a pole barn. Eddie Avey was working Wednesday morning in the pole barn of Fry’s Golf Carts LLC, owned by Cliff and Bonnie Fry, at 5575 S. Mt. Hope road, when he heard a loud bangfrom the rear of the 60-by-100-foot building.