The bests and worsts of Super Bowl XLVII

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Super Bowl XLVII was one of those Super Bowls that will go down in history in multiple ways.

The brothers Harbaugh coaching against each other, the loss of power in the third quarter, Ray Lewis going out in a blaze of glory and some memorable non-calls will make it one that many will remember.

So here with my analysis of the Super Bowl is the annual bests and worsts of Sunday’s game.


Best play: You may say it was Baltimore Raven Jacoby Jones’ record-tying 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, and I would listen to those arguments. But for me, it was the 56-yard pass to Jones from Joe Flacco where he got wide open, had to stop to catch the ball and then maneuver around a couple of defenders that did it for me,. Honorable mention was Jones’ kickoff return.

Best quote: When it was time to restart the game after the power outage, referee Jerome Boger got off a good one when he opened his mic and said, “Third and 13, let’s go.”

Best thing about halftime: Beyonce showed she wasn’t completely ungrateful for her time in Destiny’s Child, bringing back former mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a couple of songs. That was classy and un-diva-like. There was no honorable mention in this category.

Best commercial: Once again Budweiser tugs at heartstrings with the story of a Clydesdale raised by his rancher, sent off to join the team, then makes an appearance near his rancher’s place, ending with a touching reunion after the parade. Honorable mention was the M&Ms commercial where Red is crooning to Meat Loaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love” with clips of what he would and wouldn’t do. That was funny.


Worst play: Some called it a great call under the circumstances despite the play failing, but I couldn’t agree less. The fake field goal by the Ravens on fourth and nine with 3:05 left in the second quarter was not the right thing to do. Asking a kicker to run 17 yards untouched (eight behind the line of scrimmage and the nine needed for the first down) is asking way too much. Honorable mention was the skirmish in the second quarter in which offsetting personal fouls were called but Raven Cary Williams pushing an official was completely missed.

Worst quote: If CBS’ Bill Cowher was being looked at to get hired as an NFL coach, he lost some credibility when he said early in the power outage, “This isn’t going to affect either team. They’re professionals.” Really, coach? Baltimore’s offense didn’t play for an hour and 24 minutes and they came out flat, allowing San Francisco to get back in the ball game.

Worst thing about halftime: The “man-made countdown” was the lamest thing since “Up With People.” Honorable mention was all the guys on “The NFL Today” talking over each other trying to make a point before the segment was over. Too much talking, guys.

Worst commercial: While it ranked high on most lists I saw online, the Audi commercial where a boy goes to his prom alone and kisses the prom queen only to get punched by the prom king and go home with a black eye was dumb at best. Honorable mention was the commercial with NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, supermodel Bar Rafaeli and a computer geek. The whole commercial looked forced and lame.

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