Thank you, NASCAR

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I need to send a big thank-you to NASCAR. They finally figured out what I’ve been saying for a long time.

NASCAR finally showed everyone what won’t be tolerated when it comes to their “boys, have at it” policy when they put Kyle Busch on probation, fined him $50,000 and parked him for the weekend races in Texas after he deliberately put Ron Hornaday in the wall during the truck series race in Texas Friday night.

Busch was upset at being side-swiped by Hornaday in that race, and decided a little bump wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy him. So he turned Hornaday into the wall and pretty much ended any chance of Hornaday getting a good finish.

The “Oval Office” didn’t like that at all, and decided to not only take Busch off the track for the rest of that race, they also took him off the track for the grand national race the next day and the Cup race the day after that.

They took this action even though Busch was one of those who was in the Chase for the Cup. Busch dropped four spots and out of the running for a championship because of that incident.

Better late than never, but regardless, thank you, NASCAR.

This type of action was long overdue. Ever since the “boys, have at it” policy was enacted, there have been too many incidents similar to this where a retaliatory bump could have seriously hurt someone.

I still can’t forget the image of Brad Keselowski going through the Talladega air after Carl Edwards retaliated for getting sent airborne by Keslowski in the spring race.

Right then and there, NASCAR should have re-thought that policy of allowing the racers to settle scores on the track. There was too much money to be lost and too many things that could go wrong to allow the drivers to take justice in their own hands.

In fact, Tony Stewart, who has made a serious charge towards the Cup title in recent weeks, has repeatedly said he doesn’t know where NASCAR draws the line when it comes to the policy, and has asked for clarification, only to get none.

NASCAR themselves hasn’t helped, saying only “We’ll know it when we see it.” Apparently they saw it Friday night.

Now we can talk about how Busch has been a hothead and a repeat offender all we want, but nothing has come of any of that – until now.

Hopefully this is the start of the scaling back – and eventual elimination – of the “boys, have at it” policy that has put a stain on the sport.

NASCAR drivers are competitive simply because of the money involved in winning and doing well. So the slightest slight will get them all riled up and wanting vengeance.

I don’t want to see someone get killed simply because an over-competitive racer gets unhappy about a bump from behind and wants to show his displeasure for hurting his chances of winning by ruining the chances of the person who did the original bumping to begin with.

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