Bests and worsts of Super Bowl XLVI

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I’ve got to admit Super Bowl XLVI was a great game to watch.

The 21-17 win by the New York Giants over the New England Patriots (I believe I had that one) had all kinds of drama involved, and it was must-see TV for a change.

Even when Ahmad Bradshaw scored with a little under a minute left, there was debate about whether that left too much time on New England quarterback and former Michigan man Tom Brady to make the comeback.

But the New York defense, which was somewhat maligned during the regular season, made sure it didn’t matter.

So after a really great game, here are the bests and worsts of Super Bowl XLVI:


Best play: The obvious one is New York Giant Mario Manningham making a sideline catch that extended the game-winning drive in the fourth quarter. Yes, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick had to challenge it, but there was nothing there to overturn the call. It was a great catch by the former Michigan receiver. Runner-up was the Brady-to-Danny Woodhead pass near the end of the first half to give the Patriots the lead. Brady had all kinds of time to find an open receiver and did – like he normally does.

Best quote: After Giant Brandon Jacobs made a chip block on an unknown (to me at least) New England Patriot so hard it snapped the Patriot’s head back, NBC’s Al Michaels got off this beauty: “His (Jacobs’) chip blocks are assault and battery.” Funny. There really wasn’t a runner-up in this category.

Best thing about halftime: Rodney Harrison’s analysis of how the game would be won was spot on as usual, saying the game would be won on the last possession. It was, as the Giants foiled the late Hail Mary by Brady to get their second Super Bowl win, both over the Pats. Runner up? I actually kind of like LMFAO’s “I’m Shuffling,” and to see it on Madonna’s halftime show was kind of cool.

Best commercial: The M&Ms spot where Ms. Brown tried to convince a couple of guys she wasn’t naked led to Red shedding his “shell,” causing some women to look in disbelief. Runner-up was the Coke commercial where the polar bear in the New England scarf was upset and went outside to find other polar bears throwing him a Coke, only to see him fumble and juggle it on ice like he was a running back breaking tackles. I had to chuckle at that one.


Worst play: In the fourth quarter Brady scrambled and heaved a long pass intended for Rob Gronkowski, but was intercepted. He had room to run but threw up a jump-ball because of pressure coming from his blind side. Runner-up was Brady taking an intentional grounding penalty in the end zone for a safety in the first quarter.

Worst quote: In the third quarter Michaels was explaining the “MHK” on the Patriots’ jerseys, but screwed up when he said, “The MHK is for Mary Kraft, the widow of Patriots owner Robert Kraft.” Michaels made it sound like Robert was the one who died, not Mary. Runner-up was Cris Collinsworth saying after Patriot Wes Welker dropped a wide-open pass, “Welker makes that catch 100 out of 100 times.” Uh, Cris, make that 99 out of 100.

Worst thing about halftime: You guessed it – rapper MIA flies “the bird” during the halftime show. Many people wanted the NFL to skew younger with their halftime shows, and MIA showed why that was a horrible idea – and just five years after the “wardrobe malfunction.” That was so not necessary. Runner-up was the fact that to me it looked like the Bay City, Michigan-born Madonna lip-synched her entire show.

Worst commercial: Congratulations to You were missed in this spot. But your triumphant return came when new NASCAR driver Danica Patrick and “The Biggest Loser” trainer Jillian Michaels put body paint on a model that was being shown with shots of her head and shoulders, her stomach and her legs. It proved once again that GoDaddy will stop at almost nothing to get people to their web site. Runner-up was the Audi commercial where a boss is being driven by his employee and “dies.” The employee starts and stops the car to revive the boss. Dumb commercial.

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