The bests and worsts of Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl XLVII was one of those Super Bowls that will go down in history in multiple ways. The brothers Harbaugh coaching against each other, the loss of power in the third quarter, Ray Lewis going out in a blaze of glory and some memorable non-calls will make it one that many will remember. So [...]

Maryland, Rutgers only chasing money

And so the college realignment carousel continues to spin. With the news that the University of Maryland leaving the Atlantic Coast Conference and Rutgers University leaving the Big East for the Big Ten-plus-two, the conference grows to 14 teams. The Big Ten-plus-four? The Big 14? Regardless of how you label it, the whole move of [...]

Pistons need to define players’ roles

After watching the Detroit Pistons play a couple of games recently, I have come to a conclusion that should shock no one at all. They’re bad. Real bad. And I don’t mean “bad” like the “Bad Boys” of the late 1980s and early 1990s. I’m talking horrible here. After Monday night’s 92-90 loss to the [...]

What went wrong with the Tigers?

I’m sure many will agree that the World Series was tough to watch if you were a Detroit Tigers fan. Seeing the Tigers get swept out of the series by the San Francisco Giants after sweeping the New York Yankees out of the Fall Classic was something no Tigers fan expected. If you would have [...]

I don’t know what to think about Armstrong

After reading all the things I have about Lance Armstrong and the doping he allegedly was involved in, I’m not too sure what I think about him any more. Both the United States Anti-Doping Administration and the governing body of cycling, United Cycling International, have decided to strip Armstrong of his seven straight Tour de [...]

Leyland haters: you still want him fired?

There is a lot of elation around Michigan now that the Detroit Tigers have made the playoffs as the American League Central Division champions for the second straight year. Tigers fans are happy the team won the Central, and even happier when Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown. They’ll be even happier when he is [...]

Prediction: No NHL this season

On Monday the Grand Rapids Griffins opened training camp to get ready for the 2012-13 season. Their parent club only wishes they could have opened camp. Because of the NHL players lockout – the second this decade – there will be no hockey in Hockeytown. Nor do I suspect there will be any time soon. [...]

Players can end ref lockout, but won’t

I’m sure that every NFL fan in the world is upset with the replacement officials, as they are getting heavy criticism for how they have done during the first three weeks of the season. It got even worse Monday night with that debacle on the last play of the game between the Seattle Seahawks and [...]

Robinson accountability starts with Hoke

If you watched the game Saturday night between Michigan and Notre Dame, you would have seen how ugly football can be when it’s played badly. Saturday’s 13-6 win by the Fighting Irish over the Wolverines was anything but a thing of beauty. Turnovers – eight in all, six by Michigan – were the undoing of [...]

Five things to watch for in NASCAR

The NASCAR season is somewhat underway, as Speedweeks have started before the big race on Sunday. This season is starting out to be like many others, with no real things to note. (No, it’s not eventful that Jimmie Johnson had a part confiscated since that’s happened at previous Daytonas.) But here are five things that [...]