My take on Linsanity

If you read all the sports web sites, all you read about is Jeremy Lin. The Asian-American point guard for the New York Knicks is generating Tim Tebow-like coverage since he has come off the bench to lead New York to an unprecedented seven-game win streak. The coverage of Lin may be over the top [...]

Manning saga similar to Favre?

The back-and-forth between Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and quarterback Peyton Manning has been great for the media. The talking heads love to dissect and predict what is going to happen to Manning now that he has spent the entire season injured and a $28 million roster bonus in on the line at the beginning [...]

Bests and worsts of Super Bowl XLVI

I’ve got to admit Super Bowl XLVI was a great game to watch. The 21-17 win by the New York Giants over the New England Patriots (I believe I had that one) had all kinds of drama involved, and it was must-see TV for a change. Even when Ahmad Bradshaw scored with a little under [...]

Shanahan having impact on NHL

I heard a couple of statistics on ESPN that gave me some hope that hockey is seeing the light when it comes to fighting. Those statistics are the number of fights is down 25 percent in the NHL, while suspensions for hits have jumped 72 percent over last year. This is an encouraging trend. Hopefully [...]

Lions’ season a huge turnaround

For those of you who predicted the Detroit Lions would go 10-6, congratulations. You are better than I am. The Lions made an incredible turnaround this season, erasing the memories of Matt Millen and Rod Marinelli by going to the playoffs just three years after not winning a game all season. (Side note: Hey Marinelli, [...]

What would happen in a BCS playoff

Every year I do what the college presidents won’t do, and have a playoff for college’s football’s national championship. This simulation is done through whatifsports.com and seeds the top eight teams in the final BCS poll and plays them against one another in a bracket format. The format is a no-re-seeding format so that the [...]

The top 10 national sports stories of 2011

Earlier this week I brought you the top 10 Michigan sports stories of 2011. Now I bring you what I thought were the top 10 national sports stories of the year. This doesn’t include international stuff, just the biggest sports stories stateside. So here we go: 1. The NFL lockout. Wanting a bigger piece of [...]

The top 10 state sports stories of 2011

Every year at about this time, a whole bunch of top 10 lists make their way around the Internet with the top whatever of 2011. You’re going to see another one here. Every year at this time I rate the top 10 sports stories from around the state and the nation. It’s time to do [...]

NCAA did good with OSU, but…

The NCAA came down on Ohio State for the “tattoos for stuff” scandal. They could have came harder, but the penalties the Buckeyes got will do fine. OSU saw their probation period lengthened by a year, four more scholarships were taken over the next three years, and the Buckeyes are not going to a bowl [...]

NHL needs to market other stars

It looks like the Pittsburgh Penguins – and the NHL – will be without their main star player, Sidney Crosby, for an extended length of time due to a recurrence of concussion symptoms. Crosby missed the last half of last season and a good chunk of this season because of being knocked into another area [...]