NHL did (surprisingly) good with realignment

The realignment of the NHL is complete. You will see four conferences in the 2012-13 season instead of the six divisions that are currently in place. I thought I wouldn’t like the realignment, but the more I look at it, the more I think it was a good call by the Board of Governors. The [...]

I don’t want to see a rematch

Little by little, the Bowl Championship Series is losing credibility with college football fans by some of its ridiculous selections for its bowls. This time they really botched it by forcing America to endure a rematch of teams that already played in the regular season, as LSU will face Alabama in the title game. This [...]

Many facets to the NBA CBA agreement

So let me get this straight: NBA owners weren’t willing to negotiate some givebacks to the National Basketball Players Association, but once they were sued for anti-trust violations, they caved quicker than you can count to ten by tens? If that’s the case, then the NBPA should have “disclaimed interest” as soon as the lockout [...]

Breaking down Suh’s stupidity

If Ndamukong Suh is playing next Sunday for the Detroit Lions, it would really shock me. Suh is likely to get suspended for his stomping on Ryan Dietrich-Smith of the Green Bay Packers during the two teams’ game on Thanksgiving Day. If he doesn’t get suspended for the stomp – which he denies even happened [...]

Proposed BCS change a good start

If what I’m reading from the Internet about possibility of the Bowl Championship Series changing, than I like what I’m seeing – to an extent. There is reporting that the BCS is looking at changing its format. There’s no reason given, but I’m guessing it’s to stave off anti-trust lawsuits that will likely come from [...]

I don’t miss the NBA

After NBA players rejected the “ultimatum” offer by the ownership group, it looks like there isn’t going to be any NBA basketball played this season. Almost all the analysts are saying commissioner David Stern is likely going to cancel the entire season because the players didn’t bow down to the heavy-handed tactics of the owners. [...]

Thank you, NASCAR

I need to send a big thank-you to NASCAR. They finally figured out what I’ve been saying for a long time. NASCAR finally showed everyone what won’t be tolerated when it comes to their “boys, have at it” policy when they put Kyle Busch on probation, fined him $50,000 and parked him for the weekend [...]

Don’t blame ESPN for realignments

There has been more than one conspiracy theory on how much impact ESPN has had on the college football landscape that is changing before our eyes. Just about every conference in the country is expanding or shrinking because schools are wanting more money, exposure, or a combination of both. But to blame the “worldwide leader” [...]

NFL whiffed on not fining coaches

So let me get this straight: You can’t so much as breathe on a quarterback without getting fined, but if two head coaches want to fight and nothing will happen? Really? Such is life in the hypocritical NFL, where huge hits are celebrated one moment then legislated out the next, where player safety has compromised [...]

Death puts sports in perspective

Sports can be fun, and sports can be maddening. We cheer for our favorite team or player, we get mad when they fail, and scream like mad when they do well. Some people live and die with sports as fans. But when something happens like Dan Wheldon’s tragic death, sports doesn’t seem so important any [...]