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Notice given that

Notice given that the variety of contents of storage units, H2 Holloway, H6 Packard, H15, PE68/81 Stearns, H18/29, H25, PE49, PE75 Lohr, PE47 Lewis, PE114 Schnick, PE38 Porter, PE85 Murphy, PE86 Jensen, PE101 Ryman, PE91/97 Cooley, PW1 Hewitt, PW8 Roszell, PW5 Bedford, PW17 Baez will be sold a public auction on Thursday, March 30 at 6 pm starting at Paddy’s Locks, 1382 E. Main, Edmore, MI for back storage fees owed. We reserve the right to reject any and all bids. Call to confirm on 03/30/17 at 248-640-7960.


New Haven Township

New Haven Township is seeking BIDS for lawn care at the Township Hall located at 3027 S Warner Rd, Sumner, and cemetery. Spring and fall clean up with water on/off and placing American flags on Veterans grave sites must be included. Must be licensed and insured. For more information, contact Dirk Longanbach, Supervisor at 989-620-7870. Bids will be accepted until April 7, 2017 and can be mailed to BIDS 3080 S Ferris Rd, Sumner MI 48889 or hand delivered to Supervisor.



Lakeview Community Schools

Is accepting bids from

licensed and insured builders

to build a pole building

There will be a mandatory

pre-bid meeting

April 10, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

514 E. Sherman St. Lakeview

Any questions please contact

Lakeview Facilities Director

Dan Kain

989-352-7221 x5001