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Unit 13 property of Marny Woodworth, Located at Fountain Storage 8797 W. Tamarac Rd. Lakeview, MI. Will be sold on June 25th at 10am. Unit 84 property of Richard Armstrong, Fountain Storage, Located at 9287 M-46 Lakeview, MI will be sold on June 25th at 10:45am. We reserve the right to reject any and all bids. Call to confirm (989)352-8074




Notice is hereby given that KAPPEN SPECIALITY SERVICE, LLC (License # 790010) will be doing vegetation management under contract with I.T.C. & MeTC on their transmission lines beginning May 31, 2016 through October 20, 2016 foliar applications. Cut stump, dormant stem and cut stubble applications will be done year round. The herbicide mix to be applied will be a mixture of some of the following:

Escort (AI: Metsulfuron methyl), Polaris (AI: Glyphosate), Method (AI: Aminocylclopyrachlor), Milestone: (AI: Aminopyralid, isopropanolammonium), Garlon 3A (AI: Triclopyr TEA Salt), and Thinvert .

Spraying will be applied to the right-of-ways of the power lines and will include small trees, brush, cut stubble, and cut stump treatment within that area via use of backpack sprayer, and ATV wide broadcast. Montcalm County will be covered during this application. Questions or concerns should be directed to KAPPEN TREE SERVICE, LLC at 989-673-5313 or 800-322-5684.