Ida Church is the owner of Kaleidoscope of Times in Greenville. Church first opened her antique store in 2011 with 1,800 square feet of space and expanded to more than 27,000 square feet and 70 vendors. — Stacie Smith/Daily News

HOME: Getting bit by the antique bug

I am in the midst of transforming the little nook off the kitchen into my own personal slice of heaven; a coffee bar. In that pursuit, I needed to find the perfect place to house my numerous mismatched coffee mugs, my Keurig, French press, heated frother and those aromatic beans that spur on motivation in the morning.

Janice Vandenberg, left, a Belding resident, has lost 75 pounds since March 2016 after struggling with heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes and undergoing quadruple bypass surgery. She’s recently reconnected with an old friend, Jammie Kenney, right./Courtesy photo

SHE: Heart disease leads Belding woman to make positive changes

Janice Vandenberg, a Belding resident, was 33 years old when she had her first experience with Coronary Artery Disease. It was 2008 when she began to feel sick and her arms would ache when she walked.


Home: Mold Inspection and Removal

Despite mold leading to the groundbreaking discovery of lifesaving antibiotics, it can be an unhealthy nuisance when it encroaches the home.


50+ Fabulous: Local residents’ experience through The Great Depression

Imagine using cardboard to line a pair of shoes because the soles had worn down. Imagine spreading lard across bread sprinkled with brown sugar as an afternoon snack.


S.H.E.: Cakes, carbs, catharsis and compassion

I’ve been working on writing this column for a couple weeks now, which I can tell you is about 13 days more than I usually spend writing (just my little joke, editors!) but it’s on a topic that I care deeply about — learning to love myself.


S.H.E.: Calling the Fashion Police

I broke the law this week.

Well, not really a law like the police would be interested in. At least not the real police. Maybe the fashion police. This was more of a style law. Or a rule, really. An out dated rule, if you ask me.


S.H.E.: Suggestions for the eccentric reader

When people ask me what I am currently reading, I often struggle to answer. Do I give them the solid answer of the latest non-fiction historical book? Or should I mention something a little less safe, more trashy and much more fun?

Taking some time off from "adulting," S.H.E. columnist Emilee Nielsen expresses her unhappiness about having to leave the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida's Universal Studios during her vacation earlier this summer.

S.H.E.: Struggling against adulthood

My best friend, Steph, is getting married today.

She is getting married, I’m married and my other best friends are married. I have friends my age that have kids — on purpose. I look around at my life and can’t help but wonder…whose idea was it to put us in charge?
It feels like it was only a month ago that I had to depend on direction and care from adults.

Mike Andrews and Emilee Nielsen on her wedding day in June 2015.

COLUMN: Mother’s Day is a bit different for me

The first time I remember thinking that the way I was growing up was a little different than how other kids were growing up was in elementary school.

We were making a gift to bring home for Mother’s Day. I think it was a clay apple necklace that we had to form and then give to the teacher to be fired in a kiln. I asked the teacher who I should make my necklace for, because I couldn’t make it for my dad and I didn’t have a mom.

Enjoying the 2014 Mom Prom were, from left, Nicki Benn of Stanton, Tasha Benn of  Sheridan, Ashley Kellams of Gowen, and Samantha Fickle of Sheridan. (Courtesy photo)

S.H.E.: April 23 Mom Prom is a good time for a good cause

Being crowned prom queen may seem like a distant dream, but by attending the 2016 Mom Prom on April 23, it is a dream that can still be realized. In its fifth year, Montcalm Mom Prom offers a good time for a good cause. Each year, Mom Prom raises funds for various charitable causes. This year, the monies will be donated to the VanAndel Research Institute for Parkinson’s research.