The Greenville West Shopping Center strip mall off of Washington Street in Greenville was almost empty at about 5:30 a.m. on Black Friday. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Greenville’s Black Friday morning featured a significant lack of shoppers

Rowdy shoppers, often pushing and shoving to get at what they wanted, jostled for items as they crammed the aisles of stores during the dark mayhem of Black Friday sales … is what many thought they would hear after the fact. However, the truth of the matter was vastly different. At least when it came to Greenville.

Annegret Paas, a teacher for students with autistic spectrum disorder at Seiter Education Center in Greenville, holds a puzzle of the U.S. states that she uses to teach the five students in her class, each one having a specific challenge with instruction, based on their IQ and behavioral levels. — Daily News/Ryan Schlehuber

Seiter Center creates new autism spectrum disorder classroom

In an effort to meet the demands of an increasing number of students with autism, a new middle school classroom opened at Seiter Education Center. The classroom opened Nov. 2, providing a place for five incoming students with severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to the area to learn.

Mersen makes some of the largest graphite parts in the world. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

Made in Our Own Backyard: Mersen

Pencil lead. That’s what most people think of when they hear the word “graphite.” It’s understandable, considering graphite has been used in pencils since the mid-1600s (incidentally, actual lead never was used in the manufacture of pencils — it was always graphite).


JUST IN: Injuries incurred in M-57 accident

OAKFIELD TOWNSHIP — At least two people were injured in an accident that took place near the intersection of M-57 and Holmden Drive Tuesday morning. According to Michigan State Police at the scene, a westbound vehicle on M-57 was stopped to turn left when another vehicle — driven by an allegedly inattentive driver — came up behind [...]

loc 1121 cs Homelessness simulation-2

Homeless simulation event brings struggle to the forefront

The image that enters one’s mind when thinking of a homeless person can be quite misleading.

Perhaps it is a man sitting next to a shopping cart, huddled beneath a wore-torn blanket while grasping a bottle of spirits wrapped within a brown paper bag. Or maybe it’s a veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, standing on the corner of a street wearing holding a crude cardboard sign asking for help of any kind.


Greenville man killed in M-57 crash with semi-truck

A Greenville man was killed Monday when his car collided with a semi-truck on M-57 in Algoma Township.

Jimmy Lee King, 35, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 2015-2016 Montcalm County tourism magazine, designed to highlight communities and attractions throughout the county, doesn’t include the city of Greenville. — Daily News/Elisabeth Waldon

Greenville omitted from Montcalm County’s new tourism magazine

Readers paging through Montcalm County’s tourism magazine may notice the omission of a certain community — the county’s largest city. Greenville was not included in Montcalm County’s 2015-2016 tourism magazine.


JUST IN: Greenville church vandalized with ‘religiously biased’ graffiti message

Sprayed in orange paint on the east facing of the building, a graffiti marking at Belgreen Seventh Day Adventist Church appears to be directly targeted against the faith practiced at the church.


Greenville’s Hallock verbally commits to GVSU

GREENVILLE — Heavily-recruited Greenville junior girls basketball player Paige Hallock has had to make a decision as to where she wanted to play in college. She had been receiving offers for multiple schools. But on Tuesday, she posted on Twitter she verbally committed to play for Grand Valley State University. “I had known for about [...]

Fran Schuleit presents Amy Homich, at right, with a framed copy of a proclamation from Greenville Mayor John Hoppough. — Daily News/Lori Hansen

Amy Homich named 2015 Woman of the Year

Amy Homich is not only a person who has a heart for others, she is also a mover and shaker, and knows how to get things done.

This was repeatedly illustrated Tuesday night at the Women’s Action Network’s (WAN) 32nd annual Woman of the Year award ceremony, where accolades were given for Homich’s community volunteerism.