Montcalm County plagued by weekend fires

Once again, a string of structure fires burned through Montcalm County throughout the weekend. The weekend started with a mobile home fire south of Lakeview Friday. Then Saturday struck with a morning house fire in Howard City followed by a lunchtime structure fire northeast of Howard City. Later on Saturday, a Crystal dumpster fire was called in followed by house that burned southeast of Crystal. On Sunday, a pump house just east of Crystal also went up in flames.

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VIDEO: Greenville students gets hands-on medical experience

Normally watching a fifth grade student wield a scalpel over a prone body stretched out on a table is a cause for concern. Yet, at Baldwin Heights Elementary School on Thursday, the practice was encouraged.

Cory Smith

The Daily News is up for 8 AP awards

The Daily News is a finalist for eight Associated Press Media Editors (APME) newspaper awards for content produced in 2014.

With Greenville Department of Public Safety Sgt. Dennis Magirl on point, firefighters tested out the new Oceanid Rapid Deployment Craft on Tuesday in Baldwin Lake. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Greenville DPS obtains new ice and water rescue equipment

Whether it is for hockey, fishing, snowmobiling or any sort of winter sport, those who venture onto the ice during the winter months face inherent danger. Frost bite. Hypothermia. Death. All of these can and do happen once someone breaks through the ice.

Greenville Public Services Department Director Tom Pollock stands in between one of the city’s salt trucks and the front-end loader with a massive snow blower attached to it. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Greenville City Council talks about snow removal

With 56 miles of city streets to plow, the Greenville Public Services Department is ready for winter to pass on by. “In a perfect world, the weather man would say we’re getting 2 inches of snow,” Public Services Department Director Tom Pollock said. “It’d be done by midnight. We’d start at 2 in the morning and get it cleaned up, but we all know that isn’t how it works.”

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AGO purchases north Greenville Meijer gas station, will become Citgo station

All remnants of Meijer are fading from the north side of Greenville.

Greenville City Manager George Bosanic, left, discussed city water and sewer systems with the Coalition of Greater Greenville (COGG) on Thursday. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

COGG meeting features Greenville water and sewage presentation

What did the sink say to the water faucet? You’re a real drip. In all seriousness, Coalition of Greater Greenville (COGG) members had the opportunity to find out just where that water in their faucet comes from and just where that water goes when it drains down the pipes.

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UPDATE: High speed likely a factor in M-91 collision leaving 2 injured

Ken Wert was working in his shed Friday afternoon with a fellow neighbor when he heard a terribly loud crash. Running to the front of his house, he came upon the result of a head-on collision just a short distance away on N. Greenville Road (M-91).

During the Eureka Township Planning Commission meeting Wednesday, township residents Jeff Arntz and Mary Hilton debate the rezoning of Hiltons’ property. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Eureka Planning Commission to hold public hearing concerning rezoning

A Eureka Township property owner’s request for rezoning is meeting with some resistance from the neighbors. The Eureka Township Planning Commission heard comments Wednesday from Bill and Mary Hilton who requested their property be rezoned from agricultural to suburban residential.

On Tuesday, certified recreational planning consultant Pam Blough, of P.M. Plough Inc., discusses the highlights of the Greenville Community Recreation Plan for 2015 to 2019. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Greenville City Council OKs 5-year recreation plan

This week, the city of Greenville unveiled an integral plan for the future of the city: A Community Recreation Plan for 2015 to 2019. During Tuesday’s meeting, the Greenville City Council hosted a public hearing for the recreation plan. Upon receiving no public comment, the council unanimously approved the plan. This five-year master plan for the Greenville Area Community Center and Recreation Department is the result of months of work by the nine members of Greenville Area Community Center and Recreation Department Recreation Committee and Director Kris Berry as well as City Engineer Doug Hinken.