Deepfall, a Gowen-based band, held an impromptu rehearsal session on Monday night. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

VIDEO: Local band Deepfall travels to Chicago for ‘America’s Got Talent’

Every musician who picks up an instrument dreams of making it big. Whether it is a guitar, a trumpet or even a kazoo, those who posses musical talent want to play for a crowd. Big or small. That goes double for a rock band. Maybe even triple.

Four out of the 10 teachers at the Grattan Academy middle and high school are sick, which prompted the school system to shut down for Wednesday. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Grattan Academy Charter Schools closed due to illnesses

An illness swept through the staff of Grattan Academy this week. Four out of the 10 teachers at the middle and high school came down with either head colds or the stomach flu, which prompted the school system to shut down on Wednesday, according to Superintendent and Principal Tom Kreiner.

Jackie Remmele Jr.

Greenville man dies after vehicle strikes bicycle

A Greenville man has died after he was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle.

Charles Bliss, 32, of Cedar Springs, was driving a 2008 Buick Enclave northbound on Montcalm Avenue (West County Line Road) on Jan. 16, when the vehicle collided with Jackie Remmele Jr., 37, of Greenville, who was riding a bicycle.

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Newly created Montcalm Alano Club encourages people to join

Battling addiction, in any of its forms, is a painful and sorrowful experience to go through for everyone involved. Many who try to get an upper hand on their addiction feel like there is no way out. Worst of all, they feel like they are alone.

But there is a way out, and they are not alone.

On Wednesday, the Eureka Township Planning Commission considered what to do about nonconforming properties with accessory buildings in the township. Pictured above is one of the four nonconforming properties with accessory buildings in Eureka Township. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Eureka Township Planning Commission discusses nonconforming property

The Eureka Charter Township Planning Commission wants township residents to become a bunch of conformists. At least when it comes to property.

Greenville City Councilman Lloyd Scoby reviews the Hathaway Green Planned Unit Development site plan as Greenville City Manager George Bosanic explains it to the council. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Greenville City Council approves ordinance for Hathaway PUD

It has been quite the dance as this city performed its “procedural choreography” over the Hathaway Green Planned Unit Development (PUD). But the finale is almost here.

Consumers Energy Public Affairs Area Manager Yolanda Lewis speaks about power plant closings during last week’s Coalition of Greater Greenville (COGG) meeting. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

7 Consumers Energy coal plants to close in Michigan by 2016

Thursday’s meeting of the Coalition of Greater Greenville (COGG) was full of energy. Quite literally.

Consumers Energy Public Affairs Area Manager Yolanda Lewis gave a presentation on her company during the COGG meeting. She spoke of many areas of the company, but her focus was the loss of several coal-fueled power plants in the state in 2016. Seven of those coal plants are Consumers Energy plants, which are referred to as the “Classic Seven.”

Grace and the Rev. Jeff Wilhelm stand in the sanctuary Mount Calvary Lutheran Church. Grace was diagnosed with plasma cell leukemia in 2012. The church will be holding a marrow donor registry drive today from 3 to 7 p.m. at the church, at 908 W. Oak in Greenville. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Grace Wilhelm fights plasma cell leukemia

In October 2012, Grace Wilhelm and her husband, the Rev. Jeff Wilhelm, were driving back from a prayer conference on Mackinac Island when Grace received a phone call that shook the very foundation of her life.


Gowen woman dies in single vehicle accident

A Gowen woman was killed in a single vehicle accident Sunday morning near Greenville.

According to the Kent County Sheriff’s Office, the accident occurred around 7:42 a.m.


JUST IN: Greenville man critically injured after vehicle strikes bicycle

A Greenville man is in critical condition after a vehicle struck the bicycle he was riding Friday evening. A Michigan State Police trooper responded to the accident around 6 p.m. on Montcalm Avenue just north of M-57.