34th annual Trufant Jubilee dedicated to the late Carl Paepke

The 34th annual Trufant Jubilee will take place this weekend in honor of a longtime Montcalm County commissioner. “This year our Jubilee is dedicated to Carl Paepke,” said festival organizer Virginia Christensen. Paepke of Pierson died April 18 at the age of 86. He was the District 5 commissioner for Montcalm County.

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Lakeview author pens fourth children’s book

The milky-white whorls of October mist holding court over the early-morning waters of Tamarack Lake are a thing of beauty and an endless fascination for those lucky enough to live there. Deep in the low-lying fog, images of mythical beasts, unicorns, maybe, are easily conjured into existence and the imagination runs free, untethered from the dull pragmatism of real life. For the geese who call the lake home during the summer months, the fog also signals the time to move on has come. The south beckons with its siren song and the long flight to warmer climes waits close at hand. It is from this annual autumnal ritual that local author Dallas Lincoln drew inspiration for his most recent children’s book, “Gladys, the Tamarack Goose (That was Left Behind).”

The exterior of The Healing Center in downtown Lakeview reflects the business’ overall philosophy of natural health through a treatment of mind, body and spirit. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

The Healing Center in Lakeview treats mind, body and spirit

When Bob Huttinga began his career in the medical field back in 1976, his practice was fairly traditional. As a certified physician assistant working in Lakeview, Bob examined patients, dispensed prescriptions and performed all the duties common to a typical medical practice. It wasn’t until years later, when he began to experience stress related to his work in the occupational health field that Bob first began to consider the advantages of alternative medicine. A relaxation class and study of the Silva Method of Mind Development of Stress Control gave him the tools to eliminate his stress-related health issues.

The former Amble gas station at 15350 Howard City-Edmore Road (M-46) in Winfield Township has been condemned and is now in the foreclosure process. — Daily News/Elisabeth Waldon

Condemned Amble gas station may get cleaned up

A dilapidated former gas station in Amble may finally get cleaned up after years of decay. Montcalm County Building Department Director Scott Minard condemned the two-acre property at 15350 Howard City-Edmore Road (M-46) last July. The 1,680-square-foot building was built in 1980. Thebo Foods sold the property to Kanton Realty in 2000. Jolly Roger in New York City purchased the property in 2005, but the property went into forfeiture last March due to unpaid taxes.

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PHOTOS: Youth clinic opens in Lakeview

Spectrum Health United Memorial Practice Manager Jodi Aniszko said the new Lakeview Youth Clinic at the Spectrum Health Kelsey Hospital in Lakeview has seen 65 youths in 14 days since it opened Nov. 13.

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A piece of Lakeview history may be history

A 117-year-old piece of history prominent in Lakeview’s downtown area is in trouble. Montcalm County Building Department Director Scott Minard has condemned the Lakeview Inn at 333 S. Lincoln Ave. He labeled the building as “dangerous and unsafe.” County Treasurer Marcia Sawdy also is foreclosing on the building because because of unpaid taxes.

The West Michigan Healing Field at Cannonsburg Ski Area in Cannon Township feature 3,200 flags from Friday through tomorrow in honor of the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in 2001. Thousands of individuals from across the state and the country visited the field to honor the victims over the weekend.

Spectators react to West Michigan Healing Field

If West Michigan communities could take away one sentiment from this weekend’s healing field, it would be that 10 years later, the nation is still united by the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. As the monumental anniversary approached, the question “How has America changed since 9/11?” has been posed by many. While airport security [...]

Russell Hansen and his daughter, Karen Hansen, reigned over the Jubilee celebration as the 2011 grand marshals.

Community enjoys Trufant Jubilee

Wilma Hull, Artisha Makarewicz, Elsie Yob and Maggie Priebe have a long-standing tradition — they attend the Trufant Jubilee together, regardless of the weather.
Hull and Maraewicz traveled from Grand Rapids, Yob from Fremont and Priebe from Coral, continuing a friendship they have had for over 60 years, to attend the 33rd annual Trufant Jubilee.