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Funeral Notices for Nov. 21

Daily News funeral notices for Nov. 23, 2011.

Courtesy photos The traditions of El Norte include cowboy culture.

Mexican culture celebrated at Threshold Academy

With a booming “Buenos tardes” from leader Tony Velasco, the pupils of Threshold Academy traveled to Mexico in the comfort of the school gym.

Julie Stafford

JULIE STAFFORD: The world of Aunt Kitty

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world is my Aunt Kitty, youngest of my mom’s two sisters. Aunt Kitty for me has been like I imagine movie stars may be to others — she’s got fantastic style, she’s lived a lot of great places, she’s not afraid to express her opinion and you can’t help but smile along with her melodious laugh.


LETTER: Thank you from Crystal Lions

The Crystal Lions Club and community volunteers are carrying on displaying Christmas street decorations in memory of Bob Brundage.

On My Mind | Maureen Burns

MAUREEN BURNS: Creative answers for the unwanted call

Ringy ding ding, chimes, music, or whatever your phone does to ring. My husband’s is the most obnoxious. Jivey music comes on with a deep voice that says, “Hello Moto”. Spare me! Our daughter put it on his phone when he first got it, as a joke. He would have changed it, if he only knew how.


SHORT TAKES: Whose line is it anyway?

Daily News columnist Maureen Burns had a great column Saturday, when she divulged the variety of ways in which her reading constituents dispatched the innumerable unwanted calls we all receive regularly. Almost all of these call are requesting money or votes.


Parables, paradigms and the brand

For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost, until the battle and the kingdom were lost. That is a parable about how seemingly isolated matters can develop into big consequences. But the consequences become much worse when those warnings are continually ignored.


OUR VIEW: Double dipping needs to stop

Dick Posthumus, who serves as Gov. Rick Snyder’s top legislative lobbyist, earns a nice $170,000 annual salary. U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow and Congressman Tim Walberg both collect a tidy $174,000 annual salary like the rest of their rank-and-file congressional colleagues.


OUR VIEW: Transit initiative not ready for prime time

There’s no doubt Montcalm County needs a transportation system. We’re all aware of the economic difficulties our community has faced over the past decade.


OUR VIEW: Vote yes on Montcalm Township recall

Three years ago, Montcalm Township voters elected the “Team for Change” to repair fractured relationships on the township board and end years of discord. The “Team for Change” has proved to be anything but.