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Greenville schools aim to be accredited

If anything is important to the Greenville Public Schools team, it is maintaining a high standard of education for each student, in each grade, in each building across the district as a whole.

And they want to prove it.

Graffiti reading “Gods not dead” covers a portion of a pavilion at Central Riverside Park in Belding, covering paint that had already been used to cover previous graffiti on the structure. — Daily News/Cory Smith

Vandalism, budget cuts lead to talk of Belding park pavilion rental fees

From random marks of graffiti to dismantled picnic tables, vandalism has taken its toll on Belding parks this summer.

With five city parks within city limits — totaling approximately 60 acres — as well as several trail-ways, the vandalism has left the city’s Recreation Board members to explore a new source of funds for necessary repairs and maintenance.


Funeral Notices for Oct. 14, 2015

Read funeral notices for Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015.


JUST IN: Oakfield Township orders demolition of 2 buildings

Despite his efforts to sway his township board, Bob Cusack was ordered to remove or demolish his mobile home.

Taven Daly, age 16.

UPDATE: 2 of 3 missing children return home to Ionia County

Two of three missing children from Ionia County have returned home.

Workers buff out some of the flaws in refrigeration components while working the line at Aga Marvel in Greenville. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Made in Our Own Backyard: Aga Marvel (PHOTO GALLERY)

When it comes to dedication to the community, few companies have been doing it as long as Aga Marvel. The manufacturer of high-end kitchen appliances has been operating in Greenville for 123 years. “We’re the oldest refrigeration manufacturer in the United States,” Aga Marvel President Brad Stauffer said. “We started in 1892 right here in Greenville about five blocks away from where we are now, right on Ranney Drive. The building is still there today.”


EMILY WALDON: A season of unfortunate events

Quarterback Dan Orlovsky would like to forget 2008 as much as anyone. Orlovsky was at the helm for the Detroit Lions as they fell 31-21 to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field that year. While any loss has the ability to leave a sting, this particular defeat marked a milestone that anyone would love to go without. A 10-point difference was all it took for the Lions to earn the title of becoming the first team to go winless throughout an entire 16-game season, since the 1976 expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which finished their year at 0-14.

Montabella’s Kendra Stockwell, right, dribbles up the sideline while watched by Carson City-Crystal’s Mikayla Duflo (11) and Sara McAlvey (14) during a game Feb. 19. - File photos

Montabella’s Stockwell twins do everything together

Without their jersey numbers on, it’s difficult for one to tell Hanna and Kendra Stockwell apart. The juniors are twin sisters who play volleyball, basketball and softball for Montabella. And pretty much do everything else together.


ED GILBERT: Mom bears are not on the menu

In case you haven’t read about it or heard of it, a hunter is now in real trouble for shooting a mother bear. Problem was, the bear had three cubs with her, and it is illegal to shoot a mom with cubs. In the first place, it is fairly uncommon for a mother bear to have three cubs. Some have two youngsters, and most have one. And it would be possible for a hunter to not see that a single cub was trailing somewhat behind its mother. But it seems unlikely that a hunter would miss noticing three cubs trailing their mom.


JUST IN: Greenville DDA discusses bricks, pear trees

It was all about bricks and mortar during the Tuesday morning meeting of the Greenville Downtown Development Authority (DDA).