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During a special meeting on Monday, Greenville Public Schools Acting Co-Superintendent and Director of Finance John Gilchrist leads a brainstorming session in an ongoing search for a new superintendent. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Greenville school board talks future superintendent traits

In Metropolis or Gotham City, Supers are easy to come by. All you need is a villain, distress or kitten stuck in a tree. Or combination thereof. If it were a superhero the Greenville Public Schools Board of Education was seeking, the job may be easier, but the school board is actually seeking a new superintendent.


Funeral Notices for July 8 , 2015

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JUST IN: 2 men arrested for B&E near Howard City

Montcalm County Sheriff’s deputies arrested two men for breaking and entering into a Howard City-area home.


JUST IN: Electrolux prepared to turn over former clock tower property to Belding

A property that once housed a cherished clock tower but now sits as a vacant field of grass may finally find itself available for public use.

A hot air balloon lights up for a crowd of onlookers at last year’s Danish Festival in Greenville. — File photo

Balloon Rally is a high-rising Danish event

The Danish Festival will feature large shapes lofting through the air, roaring and spitting fire, as their bulbous shadows darken the ground below. None will be able to shield their eyes from the airborne splendor.


Repeating history in Pierson Township?

This isn’t the first time this township has had financial problems. Fifteen years ago, a situation unfolded, oddly similar to the scenario the township is facing today.

A letter from the IRS to Pierson Township details how the township is being financially penalized to the tune of at least $35,849.83 due to the “intentional disregard” of former clerk Brooke Scott. — Daily News/Elisabeth Waldon

Former Pierson Township clerk costs taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars

Five years of ignoring the IRS is costing the taxpayers of this small township tens of thousands of dollars … and counting. So far, Pierson Township has paid $35,849.83 in back pay, interest and penalties due to the negligence of former township clerk Brooke Scott, who failed to file multiple IRS forms from 2008 to 2013, when she resigned. She also misappropriated expenditures and mishandled the township’s payroll.

Ben Brock

Carson City-Crystal board fills two top school jobs

Like most districts, Carson City-Crystal Area Schools runs with a focus on its students, and two recent hires are hoping to use their talents to re-energize that focus. At the June 15 school board meeting, board members voted unanimously to approve the hires of new Middle School-Upper Elementary School Principal Ben Brock and Curriculum Director Kristine Schipper.


Funeral Notices for July 7, 2015

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JUST IN: Greenville Public Schools Board of Education molds superintendent profile

GREENVILLE — During a special Monday meeting, the Greenville Public Schools Board of Education looked closely at the values it desires in a new superintendent. Several teachers, principals and administration staff joined the school board meeting to offer ideas and suggestions to help mold a profile for the current superintendent search. The school board whittled [...]