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Greenville assistant city manager takes job in Plainfield Township

Greenville’s assistant city manager will be taking on a new role as manager of Plainfield Township. Cameron Van Wyngarden announced Tuesday during the Greenville City Council meeting he accepted the position after reaching a contract agreement Monday night with the Plainfield Township Board.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: We need to talk about EAA

If you are following the news about education legislation, you have no doubt heard about EAA. EAA stands for Education Achievement Authority. It began as a partnership between Eastern Michigan University and the Detroit schools as a means of implementing legislation to help improve schools that have been identified as failing students. The stated mission is: To transform traditional public schooling and provide a prototype for 21st century teaching and learning.

Court-appointed attorney Duff Chadwick, right, speaks on behalf of Cynthia Stewart-Matzen Tuesday before Judge David Hoort at the Ionia County Courthouse. — Daily News/Cory Smith

Belding woman accused of arson, ruled not indigent

A Belding woman who has been accused of committing arson in 2010 was back in court Tuesday in an attempt to prove she is indigent and cannot pay for court expenses and her court-appointed attorney. After testimony from attorneys and two recesses, 8th Judicial Circuit Court Judge David Hoort ruled that Cynthia Stewart-Matzen is not indigent and does not qualify for a court-appointed attorney.


Coral man shot and killed in Colorado

A Coral man was shot and killed under strange circumstances late Monday night in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colo. According to the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, Joshua Lee Stevens, 32, was fatally shot at the home of a female deputy district attorney and her husband, a sheriff’s deputy.


OUR VIEW: No simple answers to fracking debate

Hydraulic fracturing — “fracking,” by its more common name — is a complex issue posing complex questions. Sadly, there are too many voices on both sides offering up only simple answers. The oil and gas industry would like us to believe the practice is 100 percent safe, 100 percent necessary and 100 percent American in the best sense of that word. They tell us there has never been any hard evidence fracking has caused any sort of environmental harm to humans, animal life or the flora immediately surrounding fracking sites.


Extension of Yellow Jacket Drive to start soon

Spring-like weather is here and construction on extending Yellow Jacket Drive is about to take place. However, some changes are being made to the plan that allows the city of Greenville to be reimbursed for engineering costs, while Montcalm Community College will pay a little more.


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Funeral Notices for April 2, 2013

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Howard City man charged with sexually assaulting juvenile

A Howard City man has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a juvenile, again.

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Greenville family saved after neighbors notice fire (Photos)

A Greenville family was saved after a neighbor noticed fire near the garage of the home late Monday night. At about 10:58 p.m., the Greenville Department of Public Safety was called for a house fire at 623 E. Washington Street Monday. Carla and Barry Nye were getting ready for bed when Carla Nye noticed a small fire in the garbage can near the garage of the house that sits behind their property.