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Funeral Notices for March 18, 2015

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JUST IN: Belding City Council adopts “special events” policy

Festivals, gatherings and celebrations in this community are expected to run more smoothly after a “special events” policy was approved by Belding City Council Tuesday night.


JUST IN: Greenville City Council constructing trails, making skate parks

During Tuesday night’s meeting, the Greenville City Council was recreationally motivated.

The council held a public hearing concerning a Michigan Department of Natural Resource (DNR) Trust Fund grant application for the construction of an 11-mile trail between Belding and Greenville. The council approved authorization to apply for a grant in the amount of $290,000 on behalf of the Friends of the Flat River Valley Rail Trail.

Greenville Planning Commission discussed the methods to rezone the parcel of the EZ Mart Mobil gas station in Greenville for a future expansion project. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

EZ Mart Mobil site faces a number of issues before expansion can take place

Zoning ordinances can be an effective tool to plan a city. Yet, oftentimes they must be revisited in order to allow the city to evolve at a natural rate. The EZ Mart Mobil gas station, owned by Blarney Castle Oil, is looking to upgrade its site. Located on the corner of Clay and Washington Streets in Greenville, the gas station is planning to expand the store from 835 square feet to 4,730 square feet, increase the number of gas pumps from four to eight as well as a few other significant site changes.

Diane Hansen is the new director for the Community Hope Counseling Center. She has worked at the center for the past five years as a fully licensed counselor and is the former director of the Montcalm County Commission on Aging. — Courtesy photo

Community Hope Counseling Center appoints new director

Newly appointed director for the Community Hope Counseling Center Diane Hansen believes in helping people. Throughout her time counseling at Community Hope, she has always advocated for patient care and raising emotional health awareness. As director, she is looking forward to increasing the center’s presence in the community and connecting more people with counselors able to help them.


Funeral Notices for March 17, 2015

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JUST IN: Belding School Board approves spending to refinish high school gymnasiums

With new facilities, from gymnasiums to auditoriums, comes the responsibility of maintaining those arenas and theaters to keep them preserved for future students. At Monday evening’s Belding Area Schools Board of Education meeting, board members voted unanimously 7-0 to approve $11076.62 to refinish two of the district’s gymnasiums.

The Boys From Amsten include, front row from left, Charley Duma (mandolin) and Gilbert Morris (guitar); back row from left, Dan Varney (bass), Pat Houghton (saw) and Rex Rice. The group performs regularly at the Sheridan Community Center. — Courtesy photo

The heart of Sheridan: Community center is focus of village life

Driving along M-66 through this diminutive village, one might get the idea not much is happening there. The quiet side streets, the “no wake” lake, the mom and pop restaurants and clapboard churches; it all seems to whisper, “Nope, nothin’ to see here.” And maybe there’s some truth to that. But as winter winds down and summer approaches, this sleepy little town starts waking up. Evidence of this can be found nearly every weekday at the village’s community center.


Funeral Notices for March 16, 2015

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Charles Ring, 78, was found dead inside his home Saturday morning at 8401 Canfield Road in Orleans Township as firefighters responded to a structure fire at the residence. — Daily News/Cory Smith

Orleans Township man dies in Saturday morning blaze

An early morning structure fire claimed the life of its homeowner Saturday shortly after he called 911. Charles Ring, 78, was near the door of his home when firefighters responded to a structure fire at his residence.