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Funeral Notices for Monday, July 7, 2014

Read The Daily News Funeral Notices for Monday, July 7, 2014


JUST IN: Crystal-area barn destroyed in lightning fire

A large barn at 1250 N. Douglas Road was destroyed this morning by a fire believed to have been caused by lightning.

Monty and Bella, an osprey pair, build this nest atop a platform constructed especially for that purpose at Montabella High School. In previous years, the birds had continually attempted to build a nest on one of the school’s lighting poles. (The Daily News | Mike Taylor)

Ospreys ‘Monty’ and ‘Bella’ find a home at Montabella High School

You can’t fight nature. Well, you can, but sometimes it makes more sense not to.
That’s the message Montabella Community Schools Secretary/Bookkeeper Patti Hicks has been spreading for the past few years, ever since Monty and Bella laid claim to a small but lofty section of Montabella High School’s football field.

Neil Rankin

Rankin to continue as Edmore village manager despite contract nonrenewal

His village manager’s contract may not have been renewed, but Neil Rankin is still an employee of Edmore.


Funeral Notices — Saturday, July 5, 2014

Funeral notices for Saturday, July 5, 2014


OUR VIEW: What is going on in Edmore?

What were they thinking? That’s the thought on everyone’s minds after four Edmore Village Council members voted to not renew Village Manager Neil Rankin’s contract.

Team Sports Galore won the men’s upper division Wounded Soldier Softball Tournament at Alan G. Davis Park on Saturday night.

Wounded Soldier softball tourney a success

The first annual Wounded Soldier Softball Tournament in Greenville was a success. In all, 29 teams competed in three levels this past weekend with Sports Galore winning the men’s upper division, Rood Dog the men’s lower division and Morning — the coed tournament.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: Helping children keep up with their learning during the summer

Another school year has ended. For too long we have associated the summer break with the old saying, “No more pencils, no more books …” But recently we have acknowledged that this so called carefree time can be a detriment to children’s learning particularly if they are struggling in school.

Federal-Mogul in Greenville has been placed on a “significant non-compliant” status after several violations of the city’s Industrial Pollution Prevention program, but city officials say most, if not all, issues have been drastically improved. Federal-Mogul was cited multiple times last year for releasing more of two types of pollutants into the city’s wastewater system than is allowed by ordinance. — Daily News/Kyle Wilson

Federal-Mogul works to fix pollution problems

Federal-Mogul has been placed on a “significant noncompliant” status after several violations of the city’s Industrial Pollution Prevention (IPP) program. However, city officials say most, if not all, issues have been drastically improved at the automotive plant, which is located at 510 E. Grove St.

David Wight

Crystal celebrates holiday weekend

This year’s Crystal Fourth of July grand marshal has a passion for history, specifically the history of his hometown. The Crystal Area Chamber of Commerce selected longtime Crystal Township resident David Wight as this year’s grand marshal, citing his recent involvement in the community after having moved back to his childhood residence on Duck Lake three years ago.