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spt 0124 Redskins Arena

Belding High School shoots to fill the gym

Belding High School has one of the newest and best high school basketball gymnasiums in the area and possibly the state. On Friday night, Belding will host a night of fun events with the hope of setting a new attendance record for Redskins Arena. This event is also to show off the gym, say thank you to the community and local businesses for their support in helping to build the arena.


ED GILBERT: Smoke ‘em if you catch ‘em

Many folks don’t even like to eat fish and one of those folks happened to be my wife Ethel. And that isn’t just a particular species, but any fish. You see, she was raised on the Atlantic Coast, where fish were a staple in almost all families. So seafood was the order of the day.

Four out of the 10 teachers at the Grattan Academy middle and high school are sick, which prompted the school system to shut down for Wednesday. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

Grattan Academy Charter Schools closed due to illnesses

An illness swept through the staff of Grattan Academy this week. Four out of the 10 teachers at the middle and high school came down with either head colds or the stomach flu, which prompted the school system to shut down on Wednesday, according to Superintendent and Principal Tom Kreiner.


Funeral Notices for Jan. 28, 2015

Read The Daily News Funeral Notices for Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015

Jackie Remmele Jr.

Greenville man dies after vehicle strikes bicycle

A Greenville man has died after he was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle.

Charles Bliss, 32, of Cedar Springs, was driving a 2008 Buick Enclave northbound on Montcalm Avenue (West County Line Road) on Jan. 16, when the vehicle collided with Jackie Remmele Jr., 37, of Greenville, who was riding a bicycle.


JUST IN: Stanton DDA resolution approved

STANTON — A Downtown Development Authority in Stanton came one step closer to fruition Tuesday evening when the City Commission discussed recommendations regarding the DDA’s proposed boundaries. City Manager Jake Eckholm presented commissioners with a resolution of intent to create the authority, specifying “All properties abutting the State Highway M-66 within the city limits … [...]


Bushnell Township Board gives itself raises

The Bushnell Township Board voted to give itself wage raises at their Jan. 13 bi-monthly meeting.

gaz 0126 cs CC-C Winter court

Meet your Carson City-Crystal Winterfest Court

Winterfest activities began Monday at Carson City-Crystal Area Schools.

loc 0127 bk Alano 1

Newly created Montcalm Alano Club encourages people to join

Battling addiction, in any of its forms, is a painful and sorrowful experience to go through for everyone involved. Many who try to get an upper hand on their addiction feel like there is no way out. Worst of all, they feel like they are alone.

But there is a way out, and they are not alone.


Local group wants to ‘Bring Christmas Back To Stanton’

Christmas is coming back to Stanton (even if you didn’t know it ever left).

A local group called Bring Christmas Back To Stanton wants to relight the large pine tree on the lawn of the Montcalm County court complex on the north side of Stanton, something which hasn’t been done for several years.