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Belding Firefighters Serving on Region 6 Urban Search and Rescue Task Force

Crawling through dark, narrow trenches between crumbling pieces of broken concrete, in the worst of emergency situations, there will always have to be an individual who must volunteer and venture into that dangerous unknown in the event that a victim may be trapped in such a severe emergency situation.


Howard City woman arrested for year-old fatal accident

A woman is facing felony charges almost one year after allegedly causing a multi-vehicle accident which took the life of a man. Nicole Diana Stapleton, 31, of Howard City, was arrested Tuesday evening by Montcalm County Sheriff’s deputies. She has not yet been arraigned.

Bernard "Bud" Rowley

‘Out of character’: Family searching for answers after shootout

Like many others, the family of Bernard “Bud” Rowley is struggling to understand what initiated an early Saturday morning altercation with police that left Rowley, 55, of Sidney, dead.


Runners for Greenville’s Yellow Jacket Challenge can qualify for Mackinac Bridge Labor Day run

The Yellow Jacket Challenge for 2013 has officially been endorsed by the Michigan Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness.


Central Montcalm Public School Board of Education organizes for new year

The Central Montcalm Public School Board of Education started off the new year with an organizational meeting to elect officers prior to Thursday night’s regular meeting.


Public forum in Greenville to address school legislation concerns

A local public forum is being held to address concerns about an education reform agenda currently under consideration through state legislation, along with concepts being proposed for upcoming sessions.


Central Montcalm student suspended for knife possession

A Central Montcalm High School student was suspended Thursday for possessing a knife on school property.


One man dead after early morning shootout with police in Belding

An early morning altercation today between a male suspect and a Belding police officer led to a shootout between the man and two police officers, resulting in the man’s death.


Central Montcalm Public School may hire police officer

Central Montcalm Public School may follow in the steps of neighboring Lakeview Community Schools by hiring a police officer for the district in conjunction with the city of Stanton.


Funeral Notices — Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013

Funeral notices for Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013