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After struggling through middle school and early on in high school, Belding High School senior Jake Jones, 19, improved his grades dramatically and will now attend Davenport University after graduating from high school on Thursday. He threw discuss for four years on the Belding track team and played football, as well. — Daily News/Cory Smith

From failing freshman to college athlete, Belding senior turns life around

Jake Jones just didn’t care. He didn’t care about grades, he never studied and, as he admits, he assumed he could get through high school without applying himself beyond walking through the front door of the building.

Guest View | Judy Emmons

GUEST VIEW: Time to honor sacrifice of America’s heroes

We owe a great debt to the brave patriots who answered the nation’s call to defend our liberty. We enjoy the blessings of freedom today due to the selfless courage of America’s service men and women, many of whom protected our lives at the cost of their own.


Student asks city of Greenville to adopt a nondiscrimination ordinance

The Greenville City Hall was more full than normal Tuesday, after many people came to support a student who asked the City Council to help him make a difference. Justin Barr, a junior at Greenville High School, spoke to council members during public comment.


Union workers want paid holiday back

Montcalm County union employees want one of their paid holidays reinstated. In December 2011, the Montcalm County Board of Commissioners and Local 3067.03 approved a three-year labor contract good from Jan. 1, 2012, through Dec. 31, 2014.


Funeral Notices for May 22, 2013

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OUR VIEW: Comparitively, we have a lot going for us

The Center for Michigan’s highly acclaimed Bridge Report revealed this week that dozens of Michigan cities are facing serious to devastating financial shortages in the foreseeable future. Bridge reported financial viability scores provided by Auburn Hills data consultant Munetrix. Much of the cities’ problems result from a perfect storm: years of increasing pension and health care obligations, in many cases unfunded; coupled with consistent decreases in funding from state revenue sharing. Of course, a decade of shrinking employment exacerbates the issue.

Benjamin Wilkins

Greenville man pleads no contest in abuse/neglect case

A man awaiting trial on criminal child abuse charges has pleaded no contest to an abuse/neglect charge in a related civil case. Samantha Slater and Benjamin Wilkins, both 26 and both of Greenville, were each charged with first-degree and second-degree child abuse of Slater’s 2-year-old daughter Brooklyn Weimer, who has been hospitalized in intensive care since March 24 with severe abdominal and brain injuries.

Graduating Tri County High School senior Patrick Overzet plans to spend the summer working as a mechanic on a combine crew, beginning in North Dakota and working across the country. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

Tri County senior moving on to ‘dream job’ despite adversities

Never give up. That’s the advice Tri County High School graduating senior Patrick Overzet would like to pass along to future generations of students.

The Butternut Homeschoolers boys golf team consists of, from left, Elijah Wyman, Caleb Wyman, Isaac Crouse, David Crouse and Isaiah Wyman. Missing from the photo is Dylan Kroes.

Butternut’s home-schooled golfers compete in public circuit

Just because some students are being home-schooled doesn’t mean they can’t make up a golf team. They also can play just as well as golfers who play on public school teams.

Greenville’s Janelle Crane, left, pushes Grand Rapids Forest Hills Eastern’s Jen Winkel during their game Monday.

Greenville girls soccer celebrates senior night; lose to Grand Rapids Forest Hills

Greenville’s girls soccer team celebrated senior night at their last home game of the season Monday, but Grand Rapids Forest Hills Eastern spoiled the party.