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Travis Coy

Teen home invaders plead guilty

Two young men pleaded guilty Thursday to breaking into an occupied house while the residents were sleeping last summer.

Michelle Kulkoski

‘An act of sadism’ lands Stanton couple in court

A husband and wife are facing prison time for allegedly “hog-tying and beating” their 10-year-old son.

Stephen Molitor

Lakeview ‘crime ring’ member sent to prison

A member of a local organized crime ring was sentenced Thursday to up to five years in prison for stealing and selling wire.


Mall office to close in Belding

The Belding Chamber of Commerce will be closing its office inside the Covered Village Mall in downtown Belding.


Free Christmas Eve dinner plans progressing in Belding

Several area businesses and supporters are teaming up to host the fifth annual free Christmas Eve dinner at the Bridge Street Café in Belding.

Mid-Michigan Working Dog handlers pose with their bloodhound friends. Some handlers and K9s will be at a fundraiser on Sunday. From left, Sheila Eldridge is with Dixee Rose, Tom Eldridge is with Daisy, Elizabeth Dyer is with Rudy and Allen Buskirk is with Goober. Courtesy photo

Mid-Michigan Working Dogs is holding a Christmas fundraiser

Mid-Michigan Working Dogs is having a fundraiser to support its efforts in Montcalm County and surrounding areas.

loc 1209 riverfront plan

Greenville Planning Commission eyes riverfront development

Greenville planners presented some new ideas for the development of riverfront property that would connect people to the downtown.


Carson City businesses burglarized

At least four Carson City businesses were violently burglarized recently.


Funeral Notices for Dec. 9, 2011

Read The Daily News funeral notices for Friday, Dec. 9, 2011.

Julie Stafford

JULIE STAFFORD: A matter of choice

It seems like such a basic concept, the notion that you have a choice in almost everything about how you live your life. Whether you exercise today or don’t, whether you eat that cookie or refrain, whether you allow someone’s comment to bother you or let it go.