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Rural FitKids program underway in Greenville

The Rural FitKids program is up and running in Greenville to promote healthy living for students and their families. In May, Spectrum Health United Lifestyles received $450,000 to fund the Rural FitKids Program in Montcalm, Newaygo and Osceola counties through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Funeral Notices for Sept. 28, 2012

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Christopher McKim

Couple sent to prison for multiple home invasions

A local couple was sentenced to prison time after pleading guilty to multiple home invasions in several counties. Christopher McKim, 26, of Carson City, and Tabitha Turner, 23, of St. Louis, were sentenced on Thursday, Sept. 20, in 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Stanton. They were each charged with second-degree home invasion and larceny and they both pleaded guilty to the home invasion charge.


Three north Greenville businesses broken into

Three businesses were broken into on the north side of Greenville last weekend. The Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the crimes, which occurred between Saturday night and Sunday morning last weekend at 5976 S. Greenville Road (M-91) in Montcalm Township just north of Greenville. The businesses include TNT Tax Services, KMB Insurance Agency and attorney Michelle M. Lyons’ office in a gray-colored strip mall on the west side of M-91.


Child survives near-drowning in Eureka Township

A 17-month-old child almost drowned in a pond in Eureka Township on Thursday evening. Montcalm County Sheriff’s deputies responded at 6:23 p.m. to the 4324 block of W. Wise Road to find the child lying near the edge of a pond while a parent was performing CPR.


Funeral Notices for Sept. 29, 2012

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OUR VIEW: Don’t fix working road commissions

The Michigan Legislature passed a law last spring giving county commissioners the option of disbanding their local road commissions. Autumn is now upon us, and just two counties have decided to exercise the option.


Ionia County Courthouse has new secure entrance

Starting on Monday, visitors to the Ionia County Courthouse can only enter the building through one entrance. Visitors will be required to enter through the east ground floor entrance of the building. The Ionia County Board of Commissioners approved instituting a single secured entrance in an effort to establish security measures. Commissioners also adopted policies and procedures to govern this action.

Food Services Director Kenneth Poor hands a fresh sandwich to a Greenville High School student during lunch period. — Daily News/Cory Smith

New Greenville food service director brings culinary touch to job

Greenville Public School’s new Food Service Director Ken Poor brings years of culinary knowledge to his position, including 20 years of teaching in the classroom. Poor wants to make a connection with students and provide a welcoming feeling at the new high school dining facilities for everyone seeking a well-balanced meal.

vetaburg criminals

Duo and trio of youths plead guilty to multiple crimes in Vestaburg area

A duo and a trio of local youths have pleaded guilty to a slew of destructive breaking and entering and vandalism crimes throughout northeastern Montcalm County this summer. All five young men are hoping to receive Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HYTA) status, a Michigan law giving a judge the option to withhold a conviction for certain offenders between the age of 17 and 21. The offender can ultimately avoid having a conviction on their record if they successfully complete a training program and convince the judge they are rehabilitated.