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Police confiscate 200+ marijuana plants in Montcalm County drug bust

A coordinated police effort on Monday resulted in the confiscation of more than 200 marijuana plants from multiple locations throughout Montcalm County. The Central Michigan Enforcement Team (CMET) conducted domestic cannabis eradication and suppression program flights, or “Operation HEMP,” which stands for “Help Eradicate Marijuana Plantings.” The program is federally funded and is designed to eradicate illegally outdoor marijuana plantings.


Funeral Notices for July 30, 2013

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JUST IN: Sheridan woman injured in hit and run

A 37-year-old Sheridan woman sustained minor injuries in a hit and run accident that took place around 11:58 a.m. Monday on Holland Lake Road near Derby Road.


SHORT TAKES: Summer cooler brings relief

We’re smack dab in the middle of summer, but it felt more like fall this weekend with highs in the 60s and low 70s. Great weather for golfing and working in the yard without having to worry about bugs. But you had to bundle up to do it.


OPINION: The importance of printing meeting minutes

Here at The Daily News and The Gazette, our reporters are not able to cover every local government meeting due to the wide area we cover. That’s why we make it a practice at both newspapers to request and print as many meeting minutes as possible. We obtain copies of meeting minutes first via a friendly request to local officials and then, if that doesn’t work, a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request, which requires the meeting minutes be given to us via state law.


Funeral Notices for July 29, 2013

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The Central Montcalm Hornets offense lines up for a play against the Lakeview Wildcats last season. The Hornets went 2-7 in 2012.

Central Montcalm gridders have been busy

It’s not like Central Montcalm’s football team has been idle this summer. Far from it. The Green Hornets have been doing a lot of things this summer to prepare for their opening game on Aug, 29, noted coach Marty James.


Stanton man accidentally shoots himself in leg

A Stanton man was hospitalized Saturday after he allegedly shot himself in the leg with a handgun after attempting to remove the gun from its holster. Montcalm County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Sheridan Community Hospital at 10:50 p.m. after a 58-year-old man came in seeking treatment for a gunshot wound.

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Two injured after vehicle crashes when driver, passenger switch seats

Two people were injured in an accident today when their car struck a tree after attempting to switch drivers mid-drive as the vehicle traveled westbound on W. Belding Road (M-44).

loc 0727 mt One Book Garden Tour 01

One Book One County tour showcases Greenville gardens

If someone sends you sage, it’s polite to comment that you hope they, too, will live a long life. A gift of a coreopsis should make you smile. And if someone presents you with a rose, well, pucker up: someone loves you. If you’re fortunate enough to receive a “Tussie Mussie,” you’d better get out your flora-to-English dictionary, because there’s a message buried there between all those stems and petals.